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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Dec 29, 2017

Agent 251 | JWRE | Jason Will | Ep.8 | Shawn Reine | The Big Give | Podcast

Can embracing selfless giving and generosity in your life and company culture improve your attitude, energy, morale and bottom line in the coming year?

Like clockwork, going into the New Year individuals and businesses look at improving their practices, habits, and outlook for the coming year. In the spirit of this...

Dec 18, 2017

Agent 251 | Jason Will | JWRE | ep7 |Taylor Atchison

In this second interview of a 2 part investigation into property investment, Agent 251 talks with Taylor Atchison from Atchison Properties in Mobile, Alabama. Taylor specializes in renovating and flipping historic homes and multi-family buildings in the Midtown, Oakleigh, and Downtown areas of Mobile. He is building...

Dec 7, 2017

Agent 251 | Ep.6 | Jared Irby | Property Investment | Podcast | JWRE

Property Investment is one of the hottest segments of the real estate business, and HGTV like TV shows seems to make everyone believe that they can become a professional and successful property investor and "flipper." So to investigate this new trend and phenomenon, Agent 251 sat down with Jared Irby, a bonafide...