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Sep 1, 2021

On this episode, Jason talks to the married and dynamic real estate and philanthropic duo Chad and Macey Franklin, a.k.a. The Franklins of Bham with LAH Real Estate. Chad and Macey both have other full careers; they are also using their growing real estate side hustle to create a revenue stream so that they can help others. They do this by setting aside 25% of their commission from every sale, specifically for local ministries and charities, to assist others in need in their local communities. The Franklins business model of passionate giving has boosted their personal lives and been a huge hit with their growing client list and referrals. Chad and Macey Franklin are indeed an inspiration and a huge impact in their city, building their generous Kingdom-minded real estate business.

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Key Takeaways

Chad and Macey positively impact their community by working a side hustle to be able to give to the ministries, churches, and people who need assistance.

The Franklins charitable sales model has enriched their faith and created quite the buzz in their real estate market.

Giving can feed your passion and your heart to do for others. Don't just go out and do something out of obligation.

Start giving back today by following a servant path like the Franklins either financially or by giving your time and talents to help others in need.

The Franklins Said:

We got into real estate to give more money back to local ministries for people who need their help. - Chad Franklin

We both like to serve. That's where this giving back came from a place of wanting to serve others. - Macey Franklin

It's not just I'm going to go so I can make this money for myself. I get to help somebody else. - Macey Franklin

Your time also equals your money. - Macey Franklin

It's not just going to work more hours so I can make this money for myself. I get to help somebody else, and the rewards come back tenfold. - Macey Franklin

Jason Said:

Give in some way. It doesn't have to be financial; you've talked about just serving, like, just become more service-minded and let it evolve naturally. 

The Franklins of Bham are building a Kingdom-minded business.


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