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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 25, 2020

Chris Sears on the Impact Agent Podcast with Jason Will

On this episode, Jason talks with Chris Sears, real estate expert, co-founder of JPAR The Sears Group, and coach at Move With Passion Advisors. Chris shares his testimony and life story of self-discovery from a drug dealing and violent teen to a successful real estate influencer and committed Christian. Plus, he delivers his powerful message of transforming hardship and anger into passion, purpose, and salvation to professionals all over the country.


Key Takeaways

> We all need to seek and practice self-love.
> Everyone can rise from their past and reinvent themselves as the best version of themselves.
> We all need to build ourselves up instead of tearing ourselves down.
> Commit to making the changes in your life.
> External changes start from improving the internal issues first.



Chris Sears - Website

JPAR The Sears Group  -  Website



My self-education life journey helped me to understand where to put fear in check in my life and business. - Chris Sears

I took my anger and turned it to passion, passion for love, passion for excellence, passion for doing the things it takes to build myself up instead of tearing myself down. - Chris Sears

A wise man once said, “take captive every thought and make it obedient.” - Chris Sears

I hitchhiked across the United States, running from myself. But, I found out that I showed up everywhere I went. - Chris Sears

I was unhappy for what was inside me, not my environment outside. - Chris Sears