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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 14, 2022

Jaylen Cook is a young, intelligent, ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded, and promising rookie real estate agent who is juggling college, day trading, and two other jobs. On this episode, Jason Will gets to know Jaylen's personal story, agent history, strengths, weaknesses and shares some fundamental sales advice Jaylen needs to be a more seasoned sales closer. This live real estate coaching session show is packed with great sales tips and guidance for the greenest of agents to the most seasoned of veterans. Enjoy the show, and always keep learning.

If you don't go into a listing appointment or a buyer consultation knowing in your heart that you are the best person for the job, then you probably don't deserve the business. - Jason Will


Key Takeaways

Success in real estate is consistency. Be consistent in all your tasks, labor, promises, and effort.

Avoid emotions. Be calm, steady, and confident with your customer interactions and transactions.

Focus on your strengths, interests, and who your targeted consumers are and what they expect.

Dive deep into market knowledge and research for 1 hour, 5 days a week.

A marketing plan includes knowing how to market yourself, your listings, buyers' needs, and your community.

People want to hire real estate agents that have deep expertise in market knowledge and marketing.

Expertise in market knowledge and marketing add to your confidence to network, sell, and close.



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