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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 10, 2020

Debbie Viverto

JPAR puts agents first, so we're always looking for better tools to help them grow. - Debbie Viverito

On this episode, Jason has an honest and open conversation with JPAR Realtor and Director of Recruiting Debbie Viverito about the agent recruiting process, improving the lives and businesses of agents, and the importance of building relationships. The job title " recruiter" has a dirty name in this business, and recruiting advocates Jason and Debbie dispel this impression, and they deep dive into how being recruited to the right brokerage can change a struggling agent's life and business by creating new revenue streams.



Debbie Viverito  -  Linkedin 

JPAR Careers  -  Website

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Key Takeaways

> A good recruiter has to go out there, shake the bushes, hustle, stay hungry, and always have their pipeline full.

> JPAR has a tremendous amount of resources that help agents manage, organize, and to grow their business.

> A recruiter should always create value when you're communicating with agents.

> Agents should brand themselves in their markets.

> Sales come from the relationships that agent's build with their customers, not the name brand brokerage.


Quotable Quote:

At JPAR, productivity and service are two core values, and we do everything we can to uphold those values. - Debbie Viverito

Recruiting for real estate agents, you really got to be a hunter. You can't just wait for people to contact you. You've got to reach out and contact them. - Debbie Viverito

Quality is far more important to us than quantity. We would rather have 20 agents in a new franchise office or new office that are productive and producing then having 50 part-time agents that are only closing one or two deals a year. - Debbie Viverito

70% of the hiring process takes place in the follow-up. - Debbie Viverito

If you believe in or what you're offering, your product or service is going to change somebody's life for the better. It really is kind of a ministry. - Jason Will

There are so many brokerages out there that do not even have the basic tools to provide their agents to organize their agent's business. - Debbie Viverito

Call me a recruiter. I'm proud of that. - Jason Will