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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Oct 6, 2020

Stacey Brown Randall onImpact Agent Podcast

On this episode, Jason talks with Stacey Brown Randall, a true ninja master of generating business proven sales funnel programs focused on referrals. Stacey coaches real estate agents, business owners, solopreneurs, and any professional who wants to up their referral game without asking, manipulation, or feeling inauthentic. Want to learn how to fill your sales pipeline that uniquely fits your lifestyle, attitude, and skills? Then, you need to listen to Stacey lay out her plan and process that helps you nurture your best referral sources to deliver real leads and big sales numbers consistently. Learn about referral seeds and the difference between word of mouth buzz, warm leads, and referrals. Plus, the language, tactics, and triggers to flip word of mouth and warm leads to referrals that will build your business like you never thought was possible and can also be fun.


Key Takeaways

 - Anybody that is responsible for bringing in clients, whether that is directly into your business or into a company, it doesn't matter. You are in sales.

- You need prospecting, you need marketing, but you also need to add a third plan, referrals.

- The end-user of a referral plan is never a prospect; it's a reliable referral source that you have a connection to.

- A referral plan is planned outreach to cultivate and deepen the relationships you have with your referral sources, and the messaging is never salesy, promotional, and gimmicky.

- A good referral plan is deepening and strengthening a relationship with your referral sources that is memorable and full of gratitude and kindness.

- You do not need hundreds of referral sources. Most people need maybe 30 or something referral sources to give you the referrals you're looking for on a year in and year out basis.


Stacey Brown Randall

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Quotable Quotes

My referral program will feel and be authentic for you to execute on. It'll come from a place of thankfulness and gratitude, never, ever manipulation. - Stacey Brown Randall

We create an experience for our referral sources and how we take care of them and how we use referrals, seed language that becomes an overall trigger that builds on itself throughout the course of a year. - Stacey Brown Randall

The overall referral plan is referral seeds, and how you take care of your referral sources and the language you use to become the ultimate trigger. - Stacey Brown Randall

At the end of the day, we're actually just going to take business back to caring about other people and thanking other people for what they do for our business. - Stacey Brown Randall

Call it a roadmap to grow your business. Personality referrals aren't based on your personality. They're based on the relationships that you have with people. So, find ways to make strong connections. - Stacey Brown Randall

Referrals are making a valuable investment in people. - Jason Will