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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Feb 28, 2020

Candace Foster on IMPACT Agent Podcast - ep.80

Stop doing things just for yourself, prove your value, make the customer want to work with you, and make their life easier. - Candace Foster


On this learning loaded episode, Jason has a candid discussion with Better Homes and Gardens Realtor Candace Foster about the benefits of being a learning-based agent and always delivering professional consistency. Candace has built her brand and sales referral business by going "all-in" with the best industry conferences and connecting with other realtor attendees. Want to level up your on the job confidence? Want to grow your referral sales funnel? Candace shares her story and insights on why you need to focus on education, relationships, branding, and not just lead generation.


Key Insights

> Learning-based real estate agents are more confident and successful.

> Consistency is the only magic bullet in real estate.

> Don't use any tools or technology that doesn't make your customer's life better.

> Even in a tech-driven industry, relationships are how you will scale your business



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You have to be consistent with not only how your brand looks, but in what you do, and what you say. - Candace Foster

If you're going if you're a learning-based agent, everything you want is outside your comfort zone. - Jason Will

People are not leads. No one wants to feel like they're being sold to people see right through that. - Candace Foster

You can use as much marketing technology as you want, but the customer has got to come first. If it's not making the customers' lives better, don't use it. - Candace Foster

People need to see you out in the community consistently and feel like you're everywhere. Everything is connected. - Candace Foster

People should see that you go to things in your city and that you promote new businesses in your town. You have to be a spokesperson for your city. - Candace Foster

I have a great relationship in the community and with these other agents. We're all each other's customers. - Jason Will

The more technology that's introduced, the more automated things get, people, crave that human connection. - Jason Will