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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jan 22, 2018

JWRE | Agent 251 | Ep10 | Kendall Wahlert | Power Listing | Podcast

Meet Kendall Wahlert, the gritty and fearless Listings Specialist and CEO of the JWRE Team. Drawing from 13 years of real estate experience, Kendall shares her insights and expertise to help any agent find that spark and any tools needed to overcoming fear, hitting goal, and boosting your career. Being one of the team members that was essential to doubling JWRE sales numbers last year, Kendall candidly talks with Agent 251 about:

> Maximizing work/life balance
> Hitting goals
> Team building
> Increasing listings
> Getting the most out of a trade show and conference

Plus, find out how Diana met, recruited and became best friends with Kendall. Lastly, Jason Will urges all agents to consider starting a Real Estate team or joining one. This episode is the first part of a 2 part show discussion.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Increase Listings and Growing Success For Agents.
  2. Pro tips on how home agents & sellers can be more successful listing their homes.
  3. Getting out of your comfort zone to experience new things and create opportunity.


Quotable Quotes

Whenever we do a heavy real estate show, I want to educate the real estate professional agents and the consumer - Jason Will

Be learning based when you go to a conference, but get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It can be life-changing. - Jason Will

You need to use social media and talk to people. People like to talk about real estate. You need to put yourself out there and not be that "secret agent." - Kendall Wahlert

Real Estate success can be as simple as having good conversations. If you're not having them, you're in trouble. - Jason Will

People get to know you as a person because they want YOU to sell their home because they think that you will represent them well and take good care of them. - Kendall Wahlert

Training is good, but you are really going to learn by executing. Just do it, and do it scared if you have to. Be a doer, get into action and make a mess. - Jason Will

Want to be a doer? Start where you are. Begin by doing something, not overthinking. - Diana Will

People who live in a world of excuses, and don't see that, are the ones that fail. - Diana Will

You can have excuses, and you can have results. But, you can't have both. - Jason Will

At the crossroad of action or inaction and you choose excuses, you will never hit your goals. Real Estate will never be a profitable career for you. - Jason Will

Figure out your personality and what works for you in selling. Is it belly to belly, open houses, or knocking door to door. Work with who you are? - - Kendall Wahlert

Agents need to be thinking about starting a Real Estate team or joining one. - Jason Will

If you start building a Real Estate Team you have to realize you're not in the real estate business anymore, you're in the people business. - Jason Will

When you make a bad hire. You need to fire fast, regroup and get the right person on the bus. It's about providing strong leadership and that's where real estate teams succeed. - Diana Will

In real estate, recruiting is key and you need to be on a constant talent search for future stars. - Jason Will

Succeeding in Real Estate is a mindset. You can't get down on yourself, grind through your calls and leads, find some confidence, and get your head straight. - Kendall Wahlert

Do you want to get ahead, go from $50,000 a year to $75,000? You have to surround yourself with top talent and learn from them to grow. - Kendall Wahlert


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