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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Feb 8, 2018

Agent 251 | EP13| Jon Cheplak | Real Estate | Podcast

This is the second part of one epic Agent 251 raw, unscripted and transformative podcast discussion with Real Estate Speaker, Coach, and host of Cheplak Live Podcast - Jon Cheplak. On this episode, Jon walks Jason Will through the many aspects of leadership, accountability and serving your company, employees, customers, and yourself.

Topic Covered:
> Common leadership challenges
> Managing fear & human behavior
> Embracing accountability
> Maximizing training and skills retention
> Reaching goals with enrollment
> Consistent prospecting
> Finding your zone of truth
> Improving your mindset and bottom-line in your work
> Life/Work balance and connectivity

Jon Cheplak is a heck of a podcast guest and a true wealth of leadership & business knowledge and life sense. Plus, he is incredibly accessible, if you want to know more about the topics in these podcasts, want to hire him to speak, or just to connect with him. Please check out his podcast Cheplak Live, visit, or friend him on Facebook.


Quotable Quotes

The reason we don't hold people accountable is, we don't like being held accountable. - Jon Cheplak

Life is about enrollment. We enroll friends. We enroll our family when our relationship isn't where it needs to be. Our life is constant enrollment. - Jon Cheplak

There's not a single problem in an organization that continually bringing in productive employees won't solve. Not one. - Jon Cheplak

In a bottom-up organization, you have collective genius; you have a spirit of volunteerism, you have all of these things that can move something forward. - Jon Cheplak

Stop fighting human behavior, leaders, let's work with it. - Jon Cheplak

As a leader, you acknowledge the behavior of those that enroll in accountability, and, not only the behavior but the result of that behavior. - Jason Will

Tiny hinges swing big doors. - Jon Cheplak

I operate in themes, and the Science behind it, and the science behind goals working, too, for people. See, because there's nothing that doesn't work as long as you're consistent. There's nothing that doesn't work as long as you're consistent. It's finding your zone of genius in what works. - Jon Cheplak

Have a theme, have it connected to your heart, have it be connected to the greater good. Be willing to have the tough conversations, and only have people around you in your life that wants to move into that space of being challenged…people are going to recognize that, and it's a pretty interesting phenomenon that happens. - Jon Cheplak


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