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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 1, 2018

Agent 251 Podcast | 10X Growth Conference | podcast | Bradley Flowers | Jason Will | JWRE

In this episode, Agent 251 (Jason Will) sits down with Cardone student and fan Bradley Flowers (host of The Insurance Guys Podcast, Insurance Agent and WSJ's Top Insurance Agent on Snapchat) to discuss the speakers, speeches, and wisdom that Jason absorbed at Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference 2018 (Las Vegas, NV) and from Gary Vaynerchuk's Agent 2021 Conference. This episode is jammed packed with so much business wisdom and mind-blowing inspiration that it's almost impossible to count. If you couldn't make it to either of these 2 dynamic and valuable conferences, then sit back and turn up the volume, Agent 251 and Bradley will give you a high energy Cliff Notes summary of all the biggest ideas and most inspiring 2018 10X Growth Conference moments.

Quotable Quotes

> I think a lot of people romanticize a business idea and then they just get scared of the work. - Bradley Flowers

> I preach this day in and day out: It's progress, not perfection. - Jason Will

> 2018 is the year to embrace using video. If you don't start today you won't get as good as you want to be done the road. - Jason Will

> People want to see the warts. See the real you. That's why I think Facebook Live is so powerful. - Bradley Flowers

> You can mentor your hero from a far. Listen to a podcast, read their book, follow them on a youtube channel and watch their webinar. - Jason Will

> Service is marketing. Your brand is how you treat people. - Jason Will

10X Growth Conference Speakers and Quotes
(Agent 251 show notes)

Grant Cardone - #1 Sales Trainer in the World & Founder of 10X Growth Conference
Most people starve between idea an execution. - Why do you think so many people have an issue with taking action? GC says forget the Law of Attraction and embrace the law of action.

If you’re using social media to grow your business and it’s not working, then you’re not doing it right. - Do you know anyone who is not getting results with social media? If so, why do you think that is?

You need to do whatever you need to do to get bigger than life. - In my opinion, I feel like he is talking about creating your own celebrity. How would you advise anyone listening to go about that? - For me, it’s value via social media.

Work is learning! - I love this one and at the same time it challenges another saying that I embrace, which is “You gotta learn before you earn.” The issue is I see in my industry is that agents want to learn everything before they take action, yet the most valuable training occurs in execution. 

People that are comfortable are selfish! - If you’re not uncomfortable, then you’re not working hard enough. If you’re unselfish, then you're committed to not being average and continually clawing your way to the next level up.

Every disappointment you’ve ever had in your life is the result of not making a sale. - This is from not getting the girl to not getting the promotion. 

Don’t buy stuff to feel good about yourself. Instead, buy stuff to expand your brand.

Whoever gets answers to their questions controls the conversation. -  As opposed to - He who asks the questions controls the conversation.

It takes more energy to retreat than it does to advance! - Facing conflict head-on makes life easier in the long run.

Jordan Zimmerman - Founder, Chairman and architect of the Zimmerman Advertising empire

> 99% of what you write down, you will accomplish.
> Focus on the impact of every post
> When you talk about your dreams do people look at you like you’re insane?
> Nobody sells with more passion and conviction than you!
> Growth is unlimited

Gary Cardone 

> Study greatness - mentorship 

Ed Mylett - Top Business Leader and Peak Performance Experts

> Inspect every decision - Does this decision put me closer to a win or further away?

>This game CAN NOT be played casually 

>Be evangelical about your cause, your mission, and your business

>Your obsession becomes your possession 

Forbes Riley - Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, One of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts

> The more you give away, the more you get. 

Naveen Jain
- Entrepreneur and Philanthropist - Moon Express

> Mindset of Scarcity or a Mindset of Abundance - does this ultimately come down to what we feel like we deserve?
• As soon as you cross a bridge, burn the damn bridge down and keep moving forward!
> Selling is actually a disservice that leads to buyers remorse. Instead, educate and inspire your consumer to buy - empower them to take ownership of the sale.
> Decide what you are willing to die for and live for it. 

Brad Lea - A Leading Authority on Web-Based Training

> Seek discomfort, for wining is uncomfortable.

>The comforts of the world are killing our dreams.


Andy Frisella - MFCEO - CEO of Supplement Superstores, 1st Phorm International, and Paradise Distribution

>Develop a culture at your company that wins through Core Values that you are willing to die to protect.

>The Power List - MFCEO Podcast #107 - Identify 5 Critical Tasks necessary for you to take a step forward. - start work day by writing down 5 top goals to accomplish that day.

Ezra FireStone - eCommerce Marketing Master

>Video Testimonials are our greatest conversion asset

>100M hours of video are consumed on FB daily

>Videos must create awareness of why it is beneficial to engage with you, your product and/or service

>Your videos should be a PATTERN INTERRUPT


Micheal Burt - CEO/Founder at Micheal Burt Enterprises, LLC. - Business Coach

> Is your concept attractive enough to sell people as soon as they see it?

> The success formula for a monster producer: Revelation, Conviction, and Action.

> Objections are oppositions of thought that can be overcome by conviction.

> Each moment you spend with a current client is an interview with your next client, so be good to them!

> Go for the mentor over the money - become more interested in mastery than money.

> In between the distance between A-B is desire. If you want to move from A to B, then your desire to move forward has to be stronger than your desire to stay where you are.

> Leverage your past to build your future.

> If life is worth living, then its worth doing.

> Money changes hands when problems are solved. - Make sure videos solve problems.

> There are no such things as rejection, there are only people that aren’t interested in what you have to offer, YET! - mindset


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