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Mar 27, 2018

Agent 251 Podcast | Sherman Williams | Crimson Cowboy | Alabama Crimson Tide

Agent 251 (Jason Will) talks with Corey Martin and former Crimson Tide & NFL player Sherman Williams. Sherman Williams, author of "Crimson Cowboy", shares his story from rising college football star and Super Bowl player to 15 years in a federal prison. Sherman and Corey use this rise and fall real-life journey to help young boys (9-14 years old) learn some hard lessons about making the wrong choices in life with the Palmer Williams Foundation. Sherman's story can be a cautionary tale and one of inspiration to all people of any age. Sherman reminds us that it’s much simpler to make responsible decisions from the start.

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Guests & Main Topics:

Corey Martin, a long-time volunteer with Fairhope Rotary Youth Club promotes the speaking engagement:

April 27, 2018, Fairhope High School, 6-8pm
Event will be featuring "Crimson Cowboy" author Sherman Williams

Local businesses have been challenged to each sponsor 20 boys at the cost of $20 per boy. The goal is to get Sherman’s book into the hands of every boy in the club.

Contact for tickets, donations and more information.

Sherman Williams is a former football hero who is local to Mobile, Alabama. Sherman graduated from Blount High School and then attended the University of Alabama. At the University of Alabama, Sherman was a star running back. Sherman later played in the Superbowl with the Dallas Cowboys.

In 2000 Sherman Williams was sentenced to 15 years in Federal Prison. He now works to help mentor young people and to keep them from making the poor decisions he made.
Sherman Williams details his story of redemption in his book “Crimson Cowboy”

The purpose of Sherman's book "Crimson Cowboy" is to entertain the readers as well as helping to nurture young people to make good decisions no matter their background.


COREY MARTIN: Every Friday morning, at Fairhope High School, I mentor 75 boys through the “Leadership Boys Club”. I bring community leaders in to speak to these boys and help them become leaders themselves. Most of the boys in the leadership club are of a lower socioeconomic standing and have reading deficits. Sherman’s book is an opportunity to present these boys with not only a story that they can relate to, but they also are motivated to read the book thanks to an interest in sports.

> CRIMSON COWBOY - Parts 1 & 2

SHERMAN WILLIAMS: The message of my book is that your choices create your outcome.

In a poor, urban community many children grow up without good examples of what it means to be successful and how your choices dictate your actions and outcomes. - Sherman Williams



Choices are the direct result of your actions.

Choices create your consequence, good or bad.

If you choose to make poor choices, you are going to have to suffer consequences.

If you choose to make good choices, you are going to have good things happen as a result.

I have been to the pinnacle of life - winning the Superbowl - and my poor life choices put me at rock bottom of being incarcerated. - Sherman Williams


Making good decisions, sacrifice, and hard work will create success in your professional life, not in just in sports.

Failure is a consequence brought on by making bad decisions, running with the wrong crowd, and trying to “take the easy way out”.


Success is measured by your individual personality and goals.

You can obtain success by naming your life goals and then creating a pathway of steps to reach your goal.



JASON WILL: You worked a lifetime of practice and sacrifice to become a superstar athlete. In a split second one, bad decision-- or several small bad decisions-- can take your success away as a consequence

SHERMAN WILLIAMS: yes, one major bad decision can take everything you have worked for away. However, in reality, those small instances of making poor choices add up and have a snowball effect. That snowball effect has a much bigger impact on the big picture of your life than one decision.
Small decisions have a cumulative/snowball effect
Leadership Boys Club is a program geared towards kids ages 9-14 because bad decisions as a kid can impact your entire life

SHERMAN WILLIAMS: My path to Federal Prison was not the result of one poor choice, but of many smaller bad decisions.

I lost many opportunities and awards because I consistently made the poor decision to run with the wrong crowd and consistently decided to be involved with an alcohol distribution ring that led to my expulsion.

Don't become complacent with being irresponsible.

Creating a pattern of bad decisions sets you up for failure in the future. I had become used to doing the wrong thing and making bad choices, even though I knew what I should have been doing and what good decisions to make.



COREY MARTIN: We all have a higher voice inside of us, even when we are surrounded by chaos. Some of us choose to listen to that voice and it brings them through life.

I tell the boys that I mentor that Not having a father isn’t an excuse. We all have a conscience and that is your heavenly father talking to you. You can choose to listen to that voice inside of you or not. But don’t use your situation as an excuse for your bad behavior

Responsibility vs Irresponsibility vs Ignorance

Responsibility is knowing the right thing to do and then doing the right thing. - Sherman Williams

Irresponsibility is knowing the right thing to do and then doing the wrong thing/not doing the right thing. - Sherman Williams

Ignorance is not knowing what is right. - Sherman Williams

No matter your situation, you will have people who will nurture you and push you towards the right direction. Even kids in the hood. Just because you are poor in the hood doesn't mean that you can’t do the right thing. - Sherman Williams

Give a child a platform to express themselves.

SHERMAN WILLIAMS: If I had been nurtured into being a writer while he was young, may have never played football.
YOU are the person stopping YOU from succeeding


You are only as good as the impression you leave here on the earth. - - Sherman Williams

You will die eventually, but what survives us all is our reputation. - - Sherman Williams

When you help another person, that’s more important than any monetary wealth you may ever gain. - Sherman Williams

Sharing and showing love with others is more important than making money - - Sherman Williams


“The fast lane is fun, but it isn’t worth the cost”
Bad choices may have a temporary instant gratification, but the consequences of those bad decisions are far-reaching and far greater than any temporary gain they may have brought in the short term. - - Sherman Williams

There is a process to everything -- enjoy the process
Money is a motivator, but wealth isn’t instant - - Sherman Williams

Making bad decisions may bring money, but it will not bring you true wealth. - Sherman Williams

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