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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 15, 2018

Agent 251 | jason Will | Power Lunch | open house domination | podcast

Jason Will (Agent 251) was recently at a private mastermind event hosted by one of the top real estate coaches in the industry, Jon Cheplak, who stated to his attendees that open houses would be his singular focus, should he decided to get back into the sales game. The key to open house domination is being proactive, not reactive. So, if you are one of those agents who puts out a handful of directional signs and hides behind the newspaper during your open house, instead of actively engaging with your visitors in an effort to make a real a connection, then you are not only doing it wrong, but you're also wasting your time. One of the fastest and most profitable ways to increase your sales volume is to consistently execute a purposeful open house strategy. Listen in behind the scenes to a JWRE POWER LUNCH training session with Agent 251 (Jason Will) and his expert Open House Panel as they share insights, truths, and victories from the field. Learn from their past and present experiences of open house dos and don'ts, as well as effective techniques to build rapport and increase lead conversion in the days and weeks following the open house. This relaxed and candid conversation has Jason leading a wisdom-filled panel discussion on the return on investment (ROI) of consistent open houses. Plus, the group explores the importance of finding your sales niche and creating income streams that play to your strengths.

Quotable Quotes:

> Hosting good Open Houses is all you really need to do to be successful in Real Estate. - Jason Will

> It's not just selling. The #1 thing our customers want is market knowledge. - Jason Will

> Real Estate sales is not a one size fits all business. You have to have trial and error to find out what works for you. - Jason Will

> We never get a second chance at a first impression. - Jason Will

> Motivated buyers and sellers want to work with a motivated agent. - Jason Will

> The biggest problem in the real estate industry is a lack of following up with a seller or buyer. - Jason Will

> Video is your best sales conversion asset. Especially video testimonials. - Jason Will


Angie Kornegay - Real Estate Agent at JWRE
Brooke Butler - Sales Manager, Jason Will Real Estate Team
Anne Dorman - Buyer Specialist, Jason Will Real Estate Team

The Open House Domination Power Lunch was recorded at the JWRE Orange Beach office.

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