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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Aug 15, 2018

Agent 251 - Jason Will - Josh Null \ Real Estate Podcast

On this episode, financial adviser Josh Null interviews Agent 251 host Jason Will about the ups and downs of his business journey and the maturity needed to succeed. Jason discusses the winding path he took to get where he is today, what he learned along the way, and how some of his greatest pitfalls ended up making him a better man and a better entrepreneur.

Josh agrees that maturity in business comes through experience and that what we learn through our mistakes is far more important than what we learn through our successes.

{Editor's Notes: This interview was recorded for Josh Null's Youtube Channel. Thanks, Josh for the use of the audio from your show}


> Success often takes years. Be patient and flexible.

> Many people have early business success through beginner’s luck. If they are not able to weather a downturn, they are not likely to be successful in the long run.

> Maturity comes through age and experience. We must always be growing through our business dealings.


“Recruiting has become part of our DNA as a company, and we use social media as the primary recruiting tool.” – Jason Will

“I was totally lost throughout college. I majored in beer and girls. I came home after I graduated still not knowing what to do.” – Jason Will

“I got a book for Christmas from my brother, Finding Your Purpose, and he was four years younger than me.” – Jason Will

“Even the bad stuff has turned into something really positive.” – Jason Will

“I learned a very important lesson, that I could make real estate a career no matter what the market did.” – Jason Will

“If you put yourself out there and you do things, you are going to get criticized. Sometimes it’s legitimate, but a lot of times people feel an uncomfortableness when they see people really stretching, and having a big personality, and having strong opinions. Sometimes people want to bring that person back down to size.” – Josh Null

“I always ask people to not judge me for anything I did prior to age 35.” – Josh Null

“My real estate company fell apart. For the first time in my life I learned true humility. I learned true failure. From that point forward I’ve had more perspective.” – Josh Null

“You have to forgive yourself, too. We grow and we evolve.” – Josh Null


Josh Null

Null Financial Group

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