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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Nov 14, 2017

Agent 251 | Jason Will | JWRE | podcast | John Cheplak | Training

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In this episode, Jason shares some wisdom obtained from attending a mastermind group organized by Jon Cheplak, a well-known real estate recruiter, business thought leader and industry influencer. Training and “Power Lunches” are an important aspect of JWRE and John Cheplak’s 20% innovation and 80% implementation philosophy has struck a chord with Jason and is making him rethink his teaching and instruction methods. Don’t be surprised if everyone at JWRE starts seeing a bigger focus on accountability than just teaching. Diana announces some “BIG” JWRE sales news and discusses the importance of giving back to your local community and her favorite charities. Plus, Agent 251 covers the importance of always being a student, mentorship and the Fairhope food recommendation of the week.

What Agent 251 Covers:

- Jason shares some insights from his time with an impromptu mastermind group in Cleveland, Ohio run by Jon Cheplak, a real estate recruiting expert, speaker and industry influencer.

- Jason has routinely mentioned that training is essential to the JWRE culture.

- To improve being an effective teacher and trainer Jason explains that he too needs also a student from teachers like Jon Cheplak. Then he shares it with his JWRE family.

- One lesson learned: Jason might be throwing too much information and lessons to the JWRE team week after week. Diana agrees!

- John Cheplak’s formula: 20% innovation and 80% implementation - new formula to dial back the monthly information power lunches

- The takeaway - less about the training and more about the accountability.

- Accounting is the highest show of love - Jon Cheplak

- Training and education in the absence of action or an action plan is merely entertainment.

- Always be learning and teaching but stop overtraining.

- Jason is rethinking and reformatting the weekly JWRE Power Lunches and training classes.

- I don’t think it matters what industry you're in but success is really about getting comfortable, consistent and disciplined about doing the mundane tasks. - Jason Will

- Doing tasks and activities regimentally and with discipline produces big results over time in the Real Estate business. - Jason Will

- People that take the easy road in life, their life is hard. - Jason Will

- People that take the hard road in life and do the hard work first, their life is just easier. - Jason Will

- Learn how Diana and Jason compare and differ at team member management and delivering accountability to the JWRE family.

- The reason mentorship is a big part of what makes JWRE successful from top to bottom.

- AT JWRE were not so just about managing a system but it’s a creating a system that manages itself. - Jason Will

- JWRE works to create a pay it forward culture in our training and giving back to your community and the world at JWRE. - Diana Will

- Diana shares that in the third year at JWRE we have just hit 100 million dollars in sales

- Diana shares that since May 2017, JWRE company and agents have donated $10,000 to local charities.

- The importance of paying it forward philosophy strengthens or company and community

- Jason and Diana’s favorite 2017 JWRE charity and community projects
- Operation Christmas Child
- Buy A Brick Foundation - founder: Gibb Leonard 

- Jason shares details of his recent African trip, and it's lasting effects. This mission trip is not only helping communities in need but how it positively changes the participants lives forever and is a catalyst to inspire others to "get involved" when they return home.

- Fairhope, Alabama food recommendations
Diana (and Jason): The Local Tomato Salad at Camellia Cafe
Jason: The Pork Three Ways - Pork Rinds Nachos at Dragonfly

- Jason wants everyone to know that you need to visit

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