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Jan 23, 2019

Meet Courtney "Coco" Osborne. Being a new member of a real estate team, she had some early success and then began to struggle in sales due to her complacency and lack of sticking to the "plan" and working the sales system. After some financial hardship, Courtney was triggered to make some changes. Using some self-reflection she began to take ownership of what she was doing wrong, owned up to her responsibility in the things that she was not doing, and just kept moving forward. With the help of her supportive team, team leader, and the implementation of a new accountability system, Coco righted the ship and ended the year in the Top 10 of the company. Courtney's journey is a solid case for how being on a real estate team built with purpose and intention can create a culture of accountability and productivity to motivate and inspire everyone on the team.


The Big Questions:

> What it the benefit of sales coaching and accountability partners?
> What immediate steps can a salesperson take to turn around a couple of slow quarters completely?
> What is the best way to keep steady and consistent sales?
> What's the number one thing you can do to make sure that 2019 is your best year in real estate?
> What is a public declaration and how can it help with closings and be the team member and producer you can be?
> How can an agent increase their social media "celebrity" without fear, anxiety, and tons of hassle?

Impact Agent Conference 2019
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New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019




Courtney Osborne - Realtor On The Run


Quotables & Tweetables

I became complacent. It wasn't a result of a slow market or slow activity. It was a lack of me not putting forth the adequate effort. - Courtney Osborne

A big part of coaching is reflecting on where you missed it, and how you get off the rails. - Jason Will

I think it's important to point out to folks that are listening just how crucial it is to be purposeful, and intentional with every single day because it cost you three months with one closing. - Jason Will

Every 90 days for real estate agent is the predictor for the following 90 days. - Jason Will

Our team leader, Megan, implemented a new system which was not directly, you know, to benefit me, but all of the other team members that have not had a consistent flow. - Courtney Osborne

I know that I benefit from accountability, so I never felt as though it was a punishment. I knew that the purpose was, and knew that I was not producing to the level that I could. - Courtney Osborne

I really know that if I'm going to keep a consistent business, I've got to be in the office every day, spending at least two hours calling people that I'm not yet working with. - Courtney Osborne

It's really the pain that's going to trigger the motivation. - Jason Will

Accountability is the highest form of love you can show another human being, because the things that you're being asked to do on the team, and being asked to do through accountability are things that are going to make your life better and improve your quality of life. - Jon Cheplak via Jason Will

What's the number one thing I can do to make sure that 2019 is my best year in real estate, or in sales, or whatever field you're in', and that's finding an accountability partner. - Jason Will

I love our team environment, because I don't have just one accountability partner, I've got 15, and I don't want to let the new agents down that have just joined our team. - Courtney Osborne

As long as you want to be the best possible version of yourself, it will just never get easy. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. - Courtney Osborne

Action beats anxiety. - Jason Will

If you need extra motivation, drive, self-discipline, accountability, putting a public declaration out on Facebook saying, 'Hey, this is the challenge. This is the goal that I've set for myself, this is what I'm going to do, and I need everybody on Facebook to hold me accountable to that.' - Courtney Osborne

I don't think people realize just how powerful making a public declaration like that can be. - Jason Will

I just realized that I needed to check that fear at the door because people are always going to judge you, I might as well make money while they're judging me. And if I am authentic, and really genuine, and trying to provide value, then why should I have that fear of being judged if my true intention is to help, and to inform? - Courtney Osborne

Accountability is something that you need, like, you need to eat, or like you need air. - Jason Will

Together we can achieve more, we're in this together, and the more we collaborate, and encourage each other, the more we're all going to win. - Jason Will



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