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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Feb 6, 2019

IMPACT Agent Podcast | 49 | Jason Posnick

In this episode, Jason Will talks with the high energy and positive thinking real estate sales evangelist Jason Posnick. Jason is sales manager for the Chinatti Realty Group (North Chelmsford, MA) and a speaker at the upcoming IMPACT Agent University Conference in New Orleans, La. Today, Mr. Posnick shares his secret sauce of speed to lead, war dialing, and focusing on serving the customer not selling to them for increased lead conversions, repeat sales, and personal growth.

Big Questions:

1. How important is a positive mindset and a "can do" attitude in the Real Estate business?

2. How essential is coaching, training and going to events like IMPACT Agent University Conference to your ROI and improving sales conversions?

3. What does Jason Posnick look for in hiring the right agents for his team and company?

4. What is speed to lead, war dialing, and touch score?

5. How important are sales and administrative systems to my sales ROI and bottom line?

6. What is the best way for an agent to increase the percentage of client calls answered?

7. How much role-playing, practice, and scripting should an agent be doing every month to increase their lead generation and conversions?

8. What are some techniques for an agent to get over the fear of consistently cold calling and to follow up on phone leads?

Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019


Quotables and Tweetables:

My goal with the agents here on the team is, get them to think in a positive mindset versus I can't do this or this is overwhelming. - Jason Posnick

Control your sales. Don't worry about the win. The win is going to control itself. By doing the right activities, you're going to get the right outcome. - Jason Posnick

Once you start thinking positive and taking positive action, you're going to have positive outcomes. - Jason Posnick

Taking positive action and crushing goals every day, is what's going to help you reframe your mind. - Jason Posnick

Going to a place like IMPACT Agent Conference with positive people, taking positive action and crushing goals every day, is what's going to help you reframe your mind if it's not already in that state. If you're somebody who has this negative mindset or you have a negative narrative or you feel like you're always having negative self talk about yourself, going to events like this will teach you how to change. - Jason Posnick

I want to help people be a better them and achieve the goals that they think they can't and get them to realize that they can. - Jason Posnick

We don't hire based on production or how much money someone is going to make, we hire them based on their characteristics and their values and making sure they align with the team. - Jason Posnick

You're going to bring a ton of energy to the IMPACT Agent Conference stage, and I think that energy and your attitude and just the positivity is a big part of what is making the culture of your team really, really successful right now. - Jason Will

I find a lot of independent agents are not generating leads online and they are certainly not picking up the phone on a consistent basis. - Jason Will

Generating leads is an art, but that's not where you are going to make your money. - Jason Posnick

Speed to lead is literally the amount of time it takes you to call the lead once they come in. - Jason Posnick

The whole point of speed to lead is to get them on the phone. The whole point in getting them on the phone is to book the appointment, but if you don't get them on the phone, you can't do it. - Jason Posnick

It's the tone of the salesperson, the attitude of the salesperson that dictates the tone of the conversation and relationship that follows so we war dial. - Jason Posnick

How you say things are more important than even what you say. - Jason Posnick

Scripting is so important. Real estate agents are just notoriously are bad at preparation. - Jason Will

We can't base what we're going to do on what's happened in the past. - Jason Posnick

Stay consistent to what you've been trained to do and what you've been told works. - Jason Posnick