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Feb 13, 2019

IMPACT Agent Podcast | ep50 | Brandon Maye

In this episode, Jason Will sits down with Brandon Maye. Brandon was a diamond in the rough standout college football player at Clemson and Mississippi State and was on his way on to an NFL roster until an Achilles Tendon injury crushed his life long sports dreams. After some hardship, a failed suicide attempt, and some adjustment, Brandon used his education, football experience, coaching, discipline, and personal grit to adapt, emerge and evolve into a highly productive entrepreneur, budding real estate agent, and rising star motivational speaker. Hear his amazing story and his inspirational message of hard work, positive thinking, faith, discipline, chasing dreams, overcoming adversity, and impacting others by your actions and inspiration.

What You Will Learn:

> Brandon uses his experience with football and the lessons of his coaching to create, adapt and grow in his business and career.
> Brandon's philosophy of vision, grit, overcoming failure and finding opportunity in any situation.
> How Brandon leveraged his football skills into a valuable college education and Masters degree.
> How not to lose hope, focus, and confidence when faced with adversity.
> The transformational power of positive thinking and impacting the lives of others.
> Brandon's mission and vision for The Brandon Maye Foundation.


Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019


Quotables & Tweetables

My life's been made of adversity, getting punched in the mouth just like a boxer. Real estate people, you're going to get punched in the mouth. - Brandon Maye

I'm not going to go work for anybody. I want to create my own income. I want to grind my way up out of this hole. - Brandon Maye

After my failed suicide attempt after I was let go from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that's when the real Brandon Maye stood up. - Brandon Maye

How do you not lose hope and stay focused, and remain confident that one day you're going to get your shot? - Brandon Maye

If you keep the right attitude, and you work hard every single day, eventually your opportunity is going to come. - Brandon Maye

The lion is the king of the jungle, but the lion is not the fastest. It's really not the biggest. It's not the tallest. But every day, an animal passes by just fearing for its life because it knows the lion has that attitude. - Brandon Maye

Attitude, it controls everything. - Brandon Maye

Affirmations and visualizations, those solidify your mindset. - Jason Will

We can study every motivational speaker, we can look at every personal development, we can go to every psychologist, but what happens when you're in a dark spot by yourself? - Brandon Maye

I'm about to take my story, take the things that I've been through, take the grind, the hustle, the grit, the mindset, the attitude. I'm about to take it and use it to help other people. - Brandon Maye

It's operating in faith and saying that what I see right now, this is not the end results. - Brandon Maye

I started surrounding myself with the right individuals. People that are successful. - Brandon Maye

As far as negative people, I don't do negative. Also, I don't do fake. I'm a real guy. - Brandon Maye

I believe that in order for you to get to the right spot, which is success, then you must be surrounded by the right people. - Brandon Maye

Success is rented, and the rent's due daily. - Jason Will

We're all broken children of God. We've got to get up and tell ourselves these "I am" statements to regain that strength and that power. - Brandon Maye

Staying positive about the situation controls the whole situation. - Brandon Maye

Just staying positive about the situation controls the whole situation. - Jason Will

You get what you put out. - Brandon Maye

What we believe controls what we think, and how we think controls how we act. It's a cycle, and we have control over it. - Jason Will

We need to keep reminding ourselves that from these tragedies come transformations. - Jason Will

Stay grounded because success can go to your head. It can change your heart. - Jason Will

Without a coach, without all these mentors, without accountability really, you would not have continued to rise to these different levels. - Jason Will

You didn't just show up game day ready to play. You've got to prepare all week. - Jason Will

If you're in the industry and you don't have a coach, you probably are soon going to get punched in the mouth, and you aren't going to know how to react. - Brandon Maye

You didn't just show up game day ready to play. You've got to prepare all week. - Jason Will

One of the biggest things is respecting coaching, and being humble enough to take coaching. - Brandon Maye

Big team, little me. Big team, little me. That's what I try to make all my moves based off of. - Brandon Maye

If you're a real estate agent, everything you want to know about being successful is on YouTube. - Brandon Maye



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