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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Feb 20, 2019

Andi Cummings | Impact Agent | Ep.51
In this episode, Jason Will talks with Andi Cummings a lead generation trainer, coach, and a realtor on the number one luxury team in South Carolina - the Matt O'Neal Real Estate team. Andi shares her corporate, sales training, and coaching experience to help real estate agents dial in prospecting and get the most out of their lead generation systems and skills. Andi will teach and challenge you to face your prospecting fears, try new things, fail forward, book those appointments, and hit those sales numbers.


Big Questions

  • What makes a good prospecting and lead generation process
  • What skills are needed to be learned or sharpen to improve prospecting and lead generation conversion rates?
  • What are some tactics for getting over the fear of the phone and cold calling?
  • How vital are trust, building rapport, and scripting in the sales process?
  • Why should agents be listening more and talking less to their clients?
  • What is prospecting and selling from a place of service?
  • What is the best day of the week to prospect and make calls
  • Why should an agent know their daily, weekly, monthly goal, prospecting, and conversion numbers?
  • What is the "give to get" sales philosophy?


Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019


Quotables & Tweetables

I've taken all of that experience, my sales training experience, my BoomTown experience, and my lead gen experience, and I've packaged it to be able to take it to market as my own coaching company, helping clients figure out how to help their agents dial in prospecting. - Andi Cummings

Lead generation, specifically internet lead generation, online lead generation, is what my whole team is built on. - Jason Will

BoomTown is an amazing tool, but if you don't know how to process these leads, you're really paying a bunch of money for nothing. - Jason Will

First of all, I teach the process, just how do we work the leads, but then, I also teach skills. It's really about how to have those calls, how to get the appointment set, and how to make sure those appointments are kept.- Andi Cummings

I also teach some scripts for expireds and FSBOs, how to treat sellers differently than buyers, and really, how to hit those goals based on what that percentage is that you want to focus on in buyer versus seller. - Andi Cummings

My experience is that the fear of the phone is a very real thing. - Jason Will

I would say the number one thing around prospecting and calling is mindset. So, are dedicating your time to prospecting? Are you protecting that time and are you making sure that lead gen is part of your daily activity?- Andi Cummings

Some people just naturally gravitate towards a particular lead source. Feel very comfortable with that until you hit the next one because you're going to fail forward on that next one, and you need to be prepared for that and to accept it and remember the learning process you went through when you first started. - Andi Cummings

I always say no matter what your experience is, you are the expert. You are the expert. They're calling on you, or you're calling them because you are the expert. That doesn't mean you have to know every answer. Sometimes, the perfect answer is to let me get back in touch with you. Let me research. Let me find out. Can I call you back this afternoon after five to share with you what I've learned? - Andi Cummings

I want to get to the point where you trust me enough to tell me exactly why that's important to you, and I have enough information to be able to handle it so that it matches exactly what your message is that you're trying to convey to me.- Andi Cummings

I see a lot of agents that do way more talking than listening. - Jason Will 

The client should be doing 90% of the talking, and you're doing 10% of the questioning.- Andi Cummings

You should be able to lead the conversation through questioning techniques, but I just want to keep exploring, and I want to keep learning.- Andi Cummings

Hey, FSBOs have already decided they don't want to work with you. You don't have to keep selling yourself because every other agent already is. You've got to figure out why they don't want to work with an agent.- Andi Cummings

Let me tell you why I love Thursdays. An MIT study has shown that online buyers were more receptive to picking up the call on Thursdays.- Andi Cummings

I get completely out of the way of trying to sell to clients. I'm just trying to help them hunt.- Andi Cummings

I want information about how to best serve this client. So, I need to know a little bit about them. They want a farm. They've got some horses. I'm going to need to find some land. Do they love their dogs? I'm going to talk about their dogs.- Andi Cummings

Motivated people want to work with motivated agents. - Jason Will

I know how many contacts I have to make on that lead source to get an appointment. So, I'm just looking at it from a numbers game. If there's 100, and I need 20, then I got to keep dialing.- Andi Cummings

I want you to show up every day going, 'I'm not going to stop prospecting. I'm not going to leave the office until my appointment a day has been satisfied.- Andi Cummings

You don't leave until you get the appointment, and when you have that mindset, your pipeline gets full, and you don't have the challenge of having a soft pipeline waiting for referrals to come to you.- Andi Cummings

Start off just chasing whatever you can to get to fill your pipeline because those are going to turn into lifelong clients that are going to turn into referrals.- Andi Cummings

Real estate is not a one size fits all industry. There's a lot of different ways to make money. - Jason Will

You can't tell me that online shopping is junk leads, especially when the consumers know what's out there on the internet, and by the way, I just bought my first car online.- Andi Cummings

I am pro quality over quantity.- Andi Cummings

A give-to-get is when I give you some kind of information, and return, I'm going to hopefully get your business.- Andi Cummings

We all are different, and if you want to build a powerful team, you've got to look at each individual player strengths and what they bring to the team, and if that's not on the phone, maybe it's door knocking. Maybe it's events. Maybe it's social media. Whatever that it, find your thing, and just crush it and be the best at it.- Andi Cummings