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Mar 13, 2019

Impact Agent Podcast | ep53 | Nick McLean

Jason talks with Nick McLean of Millionaire Team Mastery about where he started in real estate and how he managed some of the adversities or mindset issues and struggles to become the "MEGA" agent and real estate team builder he is today. Nick discusses how to break down the barriers of getting to 40,60, or 100 sales a year. He explains his sales tactics, the importance of coaching, team building insights, focusing on your strengths, and how his airplane pilot training helped his real estate sales mindset and career. Get your notepads out; Nick shares a ton of expertise and real-world steps to being the real estate sales machine you want to be.


Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019



What you will learn:

  • The power of sales letter writing
  • Making money without selling
  • Learn how not to fear the phone
  • The downside of long hours and lack of work/life balance
  • Tools and pro tips on how to balance work/life
  • How to hire and use a VA - virtual assistant
  • Busy work might be losing you sales and the biggest deals
  • Real-world advice on getting the most out of delegating work and maximizing your work day
  • Don't fear making mistakes
  • The importance of investing in your team, assistants and support staffs
  • The biggest mistake agents make after hiring a virtual assistant or an employee to do the busywork.
  • How to get the most out of your real estate coach
  • Nick's definition of success

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Quotables & Tweetables

The funny thing about real estate, we lose our job every day. You must earn your job each day. - Nick McLean

Like a tech industry, you have a certain amount of runway before you go to plan B. And I went to plan B, and C, and D. I applied at the Air Force Reserve. I was moments away from joining the military before I sold my first home.

People take online real estate courses, but they don't really understand real estate. And the consumer doesn't.

I'm going to make money without selling.

I was figuring out how to sell without making phone calls. I was scared of the phone. So what did I do? I started writing letters.

I wrote tons of letters. I got my website working, and I just did a ton of Craigslist ads, and I got good at responding by e-mail quickly. So I would get up at 6 AM and do Craigslist ads until 10 AM, and when people started responding, I would immediately respond by e-mail.

About year two I came to terms with being a salesperson and I realized that the people that were making more money than me were really good on the phone.

I went from 12 to 32 homes when I realized, wow, the phone is an amazing tool to convert to appointments — combined with e-mails and letters.

I wouldn't necessarily be scared of the loss of income. And I think that's maybe the biggest thing people have a problem with, well I can't afford it because it's gonna cost me $30,000 a year. And you might be making $100,000 or even $90,000.

For you to break through that barrier to maintaining 60 a year or 100 home sales a year, or in volume terms working in higher priced deals or bigger deals, you're going to need an assistant to take away all of that busy work, all the non-dollar-productive activities.

The goal is to make money and to have a, build a life around it so you can enjoy it.

Start being mindful of the deals you're losing. - Jason Will

The assistants you hire will be better at transactions than you. The listing coordinators you hire will be better at inputting listings. Your advertisers will be better. They're just going to be better than you eventually. And that's the goal.

You have to be able to one, delegate the task by giving the assignment over and explaining it. Assistants are asking that because they just don't wanna let you down. They want to make sure they don't mess up.

Delegate the task, you give 'em a deadline, you then have to, they need to report back, or you need to check in with them, and then you need to review their work.

Don't fear making mistakes. We need to make mistakes every single day; otherwise we're not trying hard enough.

Make a plan to invest in your people and then you have to inspect what you expect from those people. You need to reward the behaviors that you want to encourage, and then you need to help them understand where they're missing it or veering off track. - Jason Will

You're going to have a massive ROI in this inspection of expectations and your training.

When an agent hires someone to do the busywork, they're not re-investing those hours into the super dollar-productive activities.

The sales aspect of it was not for you, but you were able to figure out a way before you became, or before you committed to becoming a salesperson. - Jason Will

You want to hire to your weakness, but you don't want to bring team members on to do things you're not willing to do yourself. Transfer those skills. - Jason Will

People are hiring coaches before they're even coachable. - Jason Will

I would say hire a coach as early as you can afford it, number one. But, you have to be coachable.

I sold 101 homes my income didn't really increase, but my responsibility did, and if you're going to shy away from responsibility, then don't start a team.

You're going to find meaning in responsibility because you're now only responsible not just for yourself, but for other people.

As you grow, it gives you an opportunity to be more and more responsible for not yourself, but for other people.

I grow; it's just an opportunity for me to help more people.

If you define success as getting an agent to make more money, you're going to be in a losing battle.

You're investing in your teams future, and by making their goals your goals, everybody wins.

I feel like I'm a better person than I was before I started a team and I think I'm a better person than if I didn't start a team.

Hire a coach, and I say hire as soon as you can afford it, and just tell 'em from the get-go, give 'em permission to pile it on, and that you're going to implement everything. And be careful what you tell 'em to do because you're going to do it.

I see people dabble in coaching; they dabble in marketing. Let me see how it works, and I can always cancel because you can cancel most anything. You can cancel a coach, you can cancel your CRM, you can cancel your marketing program, but you'll never see the benefits if you don't stick it out.

Don't stop things ... people stop way too early. They get out of the industry too soon. They stop expired letters too early. They stop FSBO letters too early. They stop prospecting early. They get off the conversation too early. They do everything too soon. You have to go all the way through.



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