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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 8, 2019

IGP | Ep58 | Deborah Mann

In this episode, Jason Will discusses the importance of developing a learning base mindset and recaps some of the highlights of the recent IMPACT Agent Conference with Roberts Brothers realtor Deborah Mann. Deborah shares her journey from lawyer to mom, to homeschooler to finally real estate agent and all the ups and downs of life in between. Dipping into the last of her emergency funds to pay for a Floyd Wickman sales training seminar and a coach/speaker Deborah found some sales insights and formulas that worked for her. Since then Deborah has built on that strong foundation, and daily she adds Youtube instruction and virtual coaching to search for new tactics to procure business in a shifting market, and develop the right mindset. It's never too late to discover your strengths, passions, lessons, and coaches to help you achieve your goals and overcome your perceived limitations and barriers.



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Quotables and Tweetables

I learned so much of this year's IMPACT Agent Conference. It was really divided in three parts: mindset, technique, and marketing. - Deborah Mann

Real Estate is more go out and talk to people, and we had been taught that it's all about conversations, it's about talking to people, but it didn't mean anything until I started doing it. - Deborah Mann

They required us to talk to a certain number of people every week and all of a sudden, whoa I started getting business. - Deborah Mann

A realtor's job is to talk to people. That is their job description in its simplest form. - Jason Will

People that have no plan B, like if there's only a plan A, those people seem to be able to find a way to build a sustainable business. - Deborah Mann

I hear agents say is that when they leave an event, they're disappointed, they were expecting to get a magic bullet or a magic pill, something that is just going to revolutionize their business. - Jason Will

I want to be like the successful group over here, and they're all going to this class. I'm going to this class. So I did. And it made a huge difference for me. - Deborah Mann

I don't have a huge sphere and most of the people who know me have only known me a relatively short period of time. And so I had to do something different. - Deborah Mann

You have to evaluate, take stock. Who am I? What can I bring to the table? Why should anybody do business with me? What do I have to offer? And then later, how am I going to get business to begin with?I realized I can't be like everybody else because I don't have what everybody else has as far as the history here. - Deborah Mann

If you are from somewhere, you were born and raised, your foundation of your business should be your SOI. - Jason Will

I've learned online that real Estate is really math. There are formulas, if you do certain things, it's like a computer program. You do A, B, and C, you can expect D, E, and F. And so I thought I'm going to start doing A, B, and C. - Deborah Mann

I just started setting goals to try to talk to at least 50 people a week. This month right now (April) by the end of the month, which is now, I think I've closed about 800000. - Deborah Mann

I want people to hear is that you were searching for new tactics in things, how to procure business in a shifting market, but you're also finding mindset. - Jason Will

Too many salespeople want everybody to like them, but you need to work with people that like you and you like them, that you're kind of alike. - Jason Will

If I'm going to have my own business, one of the perks should be to work with people that like me and I like them because we connect. - Deborah Mann

If I talk to enough people, I should be able to find the people that I should be working with. And then I don't have to work with the people that would be better off with somebody else. - Deborah Mann

Learning is kind of like anything in life that produces results. It's continual. - Jason Will

Being a learning-based realtor means always learning the market, learning the nuances of working with different types of people, and especially identifying buyers. - Deborah Mann

Marketing is not only, how do you communicate to your potential customers, but it's also identifying who are your potential customers? - Deborah Mann

Somebody may not be the smartest agent out there, but they may have something else. They may have this huge heart and could care less about the commission, at the end of the day, it's all about service. - Jason Will

Having this learning based mentality, I really believe the better I understand who I am, the better I'm going to be able to help my people who are out there waiting for me to get ahold of them. - Deborah Mann

I have to make a choice every single day to quiet those voices, those insecurities, those demons that want to just say, "Woe is me. You might as well just leave the key on the table, you're going to be homeless now. - Deborah Mann

Here's what I do is I sit by the Deborah Mann's in class. That's my secret sauce. - Jason Will