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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 15, 2019

IMPACT Agent | Ep59 | Diana Will

Jason Will welcomes back into the Deep Fried Studios the beautiful and talented (and wife) Diana Will. Diana shares what she has been up to with Movement Mortgage, what makes them so innovate and different in the world of real estate mortgage. Jason also discusses the importance of listening, learning based mindsets, video marketing, and creating activation content. Plus, the Wills share the inspiration and reasons for starting the 2019 IMPACT Agent Conference, their biggest highlights and what to expect with IMPACT Agent Conference Two in 2020.

Key Takeaways:

1. Movement Mortgage is an innovative and purposeful real estate mortgage company worth looking into.
2. Realtors need to look at some of the newer and innovative mortgage products and programs that are available.
3. Diana is drawn to the mortgage side of real estate.
4. The importance of cultivating a student and learning based mindset for your real estate career.
5. Activation content, especially video, is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.
6. Choose serving or selling.
7. Listening is the biggest role as a realtor.
8. Chasing money will not be fulfilling for most people.
9. Focusing on proof over promises in presentation and sales.
10. Your income is a direct reflection of the impact that you're having in your local market.


Diana Will  -  Facebook | LinkedIn

Movement Mortgage  -  Website | Twitter


Shareables and Quotables

Movement Mortgage it's a great company with a very deep culture. It's really culture over everything else. - Jason Will

Part of the mission statement is that profits do matter, but that really does come at the bottom of the core values at Movement Mortgage. - Diana Will

I love the way the company gives back to not only the community and third world countries, but they also combine the two. - Jason Will

I love leverage, and I love the freedom that it gives you. And so I can take care of the people that I want to take care of at a high level. - Diana Will

The traditional mortgage process is, you only get to the underwriter once everything else is viable. And so Movement Mortgage reverse engineered the process to where everybody goes to the underwriter as long as the loan officer sees that it's a viable loan. - Diana Will

A big part of my talk at IMPACT was about activation content. Putting content out there that triggers buyers and sellers in the market. - Jason Will

Activation content is the next best thing to getting belly to belly. - Jason Will

I really try to listen to what my clients need. And if funds are tight, I structure the mortgage to where whatever they can get back; they get back. - Diana Will

Math has always been my strong suit. When I was in real estate, the mortgage side always was an appeal to me, and so I led with that. - Diana Will

I love that I can build a team. So I'm putting a team together within Movement Mortgage. I love that they have the systems together. And to me, Movement Mortgage really has just a much bigger culture than what we had built already at JWRE. - Diana Will

JWRE is known for innovation and so is Movement Mortgage. So it's just a bigger scale, and it gives me a platform to serve what we've already built. - Diana Will

I want agents to understand how being learning based, what kind of an impact it's had on my life. And wanting that for other people and trying to push that. - Jason Will

I always want to support realtors. I was a realtor for 14 years. I'm still passionate about the industry. - Diana Will

If you don't schedule it, it won't ever happen. It doesn't exist if it's not on your calendar. - Jason Will

When you force the creative and really sit down and put your heart out there it feels good. - Jason Will

I love the leverage aspect. Money does buy freedom. We have our groceries delivered, that's freedom. I don't have to spend two hours at Publix every week. - Diana Will

Commit to serving, not selling. - Diana Will

Serving is asking questions and figuring out what's important to the people that you're working with. - Jason Will

The best salespeople Lou Vickery has ever trained have asked the most and the best questions. - Jason Will

Our job is to be good listeners. That's our role. That's how we serve. - Jason Will

New money. New money. New money. There's nothing wrong with focusing on new money. Everybody makes money, and it's okay to get paid for what you do. If you do it well, you get paid a lot of money, and nobody should feel bad about it. - Jason Will

If you're focused on the end result and what that end result is going to bring to you and you're just obsessed with the superficial part of it you're never going to find fulfillment. - Jason Will

There's so much new money to be found when you focus on the process, not the result. - Jason Will

I think that we have a job to help people pay their own mortgage. - Diana Will

When you show up as a student, you're challenged to think about, to reflect on, to dissect the way you're doing business because we can always get better. - Jason Will

The focus of your listing presentation needs not to be focused on promises but proof, provide the proof of your service to showcase who you are. - Jason Will

The listing presentation should be all about the buyer. - Jason Will

Our job is to find buyers. And using psychology to think about who this buyer's going to be then activating them and bringing them in. - Diana Will

I think bringing some transparency to real estate is smart. I think there's a lot of over promise, under deliver in our industry. - Diana Will

Let the proof do the talking and stop trying to sell. - Jason Will

If 3,000 new agents would have been at Impact One, then we would have 3,000 agents making huge impact in their lives. - Diana Will

Your income is a direct reflection of the impact that you're having in your local market. - Jason Will

Podcasting is fun. Even though you drug me here on date night. - Diana Will

Movement Mortgage LLC supports equal housing opportunity. NMLS 1740691. And my cell phone number's 251-508-1336 if you have any mortgage questions I'd be happy to answer them. - Diana Will