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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 29, 2019

IMPACT Agent | ep 60 | Dusty Cole | All In

In this episode, Jason Will sits down with Orange Beach, AL RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Dusty Cole. Dusty candidly shares his very uncommon transition from part-time agent to full-time agent while still maintaining a full-time position with his established family business. Plus, Jason and Dusty discuss the fundamental core qualities that you need to make that jump to a professional and full-time real estate agent. Lastly, Dustin shares his thoughts on making your own path, knowing your "Why," defining freedom, building your real estate career like a business, and the importance of creating habits and being yourself.

Dusty Cole's Real Estate Core Qualities for Success:

1. Good communication skills
2. Consistency and strong work ethic
3. Discipline
4. Learning based mindset
5. Commitment to go "all in"

Shareables & Quotables

I am good communicator. I believe in work ethic and consistency. Whenever I made the transition to real estate I treated it like a job, a career. - Dusty Cole

I looked at Real Estate as a long term play. We're going to be building a business. We approached everything in that way. - Dusty Cole

The reality of real estate is a really slow build and just because you know people doesn't mean they're going to hire you. There's a lot to learn, and it's just it's not as easy as it looks. - Dusty Cole

Agents are starving for mindset because this industry will beat you down. You're dealing with people who are highly emotional based on the amount of money they're about to invest and on the fact that this is their place of residence, this is their shelter. - Jason Will

One of the things that this business is or that defines professionalism is that you know being the trusted advisor means not getting wrapped up in the emotion of a transaction - Jason Will

One of the beautiful things about this industry is that you are forming relationships. If you're doing it the right way. You're forming in some cases lifelong friendships with these people. - Jason Will

The freedom to build my business, however I want. That's the freedom that I love about Real Estate. And if I make a mistake. It's on me. I suffer the consequences, and I'll learn from it. - Dusty Cole

If you're going to approach me about getting the real estate business the first thing we're going to do is redefine freedom. - Jason Will

If you're going to sell real estate, the goal needs to be to sell eventually full time, if not get out and do something else. - Jason Will

We have to create habits. If you're not consistent with prospecting you're going to have a roller coaster type business of income. - Dusty Cole

What's important to you in terms of your "why". At the end of the day you're "why" is about a legacy and leaving behind something you're proud of. You don't want to be on your deathbed and go I could have done more. - Jason Will

I definitely think the amount of agents and the amount of part-time agents in the part of an amount of hobbyist is a problem. - Dusty Cole

I think we could educate the consumer and help them choose real estate agents. - Dusty Cole

The best way to educate the consumer to reach the masses to do it on a broader scale possible is to use video and social media. - Jason Will

A common thing that I hear is "I don't want the spotlight" but I'm trying to connect Agents back to the responsibility they have to their customers and the professional industry. - Jason Will

Just be yourself on social media. What could be the harm in conveying who you are? To your customers and community at a broader scale, you're doing it already one on one. - Dusty Cole

Connect to your "Why". Connect to what drives you. As long as you know what it is and its not immoral or unethical, it's OK. - Jason Will

One of the greatest gifts that I got was somebody permitting me to be selfish with my "Why." - Jason Will

A lot of these things that we know and understand in our business today is because we're learning based. We hire coaches because we have a commitment to learning and discipline. It's not being a hobbyist. It's treating real estate like a business. Is real estate something that I think could be the vehicle for my legacy? - Jason Will