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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jun 27, 2019

The IMPACT Agent podcast guest today is Hunter Harrelson. Hunter is an encyclopedia of vacation rental management and the owner of Beach Ball Properties, an up and coming juggernaut, vacation rental management company in Orange Beach, Alabama. Jason Will and Hunter will discuss the current market, trends, and the ins and outs of beach home and condo ownership, investment, and vacation rentals. Beach Ball Properties is a business that uses all the talents and skill of the Harrelson family that competes with huge brands with savvy marketing expertise, leveraging technology, and not doing things "like it's always been done." Have you ever considered owning or investing in beach vacation property? Then this show is for you.

Big Questions

1. Why has the Alabama Gulf Coast become a year-round vacation destination?
2. What is a typical ROI on vacation rental property, homes and condos?
3. Has technology and online shopping changed the vacation rental market and industry?
4. Why would an owner use a vacation rental management company?
5. What is Beach Ball Properties doing differently than their competitors?
6. Why is considering Alabama Gulf Coast beach and vacation property investment a smart idea?

Quoteables and Tweetables

We took my financial advisor experience. We took my dad's construction experience. My dad even owns a hair salon. I took my selling experience and Ginger took her legal and we kind of threw this into a pot and mixed it up and have concocted this beautiful marketing plan that seems to work. - Hunter Harrelson

I'm not ashamed to say that I think my good old country boy, southern voice really sells. - Hunter Harrelson

People are going online. They're going to Airbnb. They're going to VRBO. They're going to Hometogo. They're going to Trip Advisor, where ever they can and they're doing the same thing you're doing on Amazon, but they're doing it for rentals. Vacation rentals have become the same way. - Hunter Harrelson

What is Beach Ball doing differently?I'm selling successfully and I'm taking care of the properties, but I need more inventory in the bag to be able to promote to people. - Hunter Harrelson

There's signs going up everywhere of new complexes because the demand is there. If the inventory is there, the people are coming, not to steal a quote from Field of Dreams, but if you build it, they will come. - Hunter Harrelson

The market's very, very tight. You're not going to find much of anything on the beach. - Jason Will

I always said there's two different types of investors I'm looking at. Some are strictly looking for that ROI, but there's some people that it's a little bit of a tax write off for them. - Hunter Harrelson

The interesting thing is that it's not quite like a stock because you actually own it and can physically use it.You're always going to make some type of money to put towards that mortgage. If things do get tough or if things do get tight in a couple of years, call JWRE and list it for sale. - Hunter Harrelson

You don't have to be on the beach to make ROI. - Jason Will

You're going to pay higher insurance premiums than a traditional home in your home town, but you're not self-insuring. - Hunter Harrelson

We have all the same things Florida has, but lower taxes. - Hunter Harrelson

You're not going to find success the same way they did, but constantly adapting and changing and looking for the new technologies. - Jason Will

Hunter Harrelson is like an encyclopedia of vacation rental management. - Jason Will



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