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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jul 29, 2019

This episode is a sneak behind the curtain of IMPACT Agent Coaching. Jason shares one of his private online coaching Q&A sessions with his real estate agent clients discussing and deep-diving into:

1. Accountability
2. The lie of "Easy Street"
3. Converting crippling fear, grief, and anxiety into motivators
4. Creating freedom by finding time
5. Self-examining and connecting to your “WHY”
6. Leveraging your sphere of influence

IMPACT Agent Coaching
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Jason Says:

The way that we can keep accountability from being negative is having a great deal of acceptance around both the result and the lack of result. - Jason Will

Focus on the "What." What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do differently that you didn't do last week? What are you going to do differently moving forward with behaviors so we can change what habits are we going to work on? - Jason Will

What are we going to do today to battle the things that are uncomfortable for us? That actually bring the biggest rewards and make life easier for us in the long run. - Jason Will

And those are things that we don't like to do so personally is it easy street is a myth. - Jason Will

Easy street is the biggest fabrication of my lifetime. - Jason Will

Focus on accountability from a position of curiosity and not judgment. - Jason Will

A lot of the people that are having accountability issues are not connected to their "WHY." That is a mindset situation that is rampant in the real estate industry. - Jason Will

Is your "Why" noble and honest at the same time. If it is, it's a win. - Jason Will

Spending time together as a team is huge. Being embedded with your team and hearing what they're going to do, it's amazing what your team will do and how they'll perform if they know that you're listening. - Jason Will

Fear and regret don't define us. They are emotions. They're not a permanent condition. They are defects in the human condition. But how can we use these things? What is useful about these things? - Jason Will

I am spending too much time at work being busy and too little time being super intentional. - Jason Will

Easy street it effing myth. It's the biggest bullshit story there ever is. - Jason Will

There is no such thing as perfection. Your lack of perfection, your imperfections are what give you value. - Jason Will

You need to connect with what drives you because if you're selfish you produce, and if you produce, everybody wins...everybody wins. - Jason Will

But learning is how we grow, and learning is how we achieve more.

So learning is how we break through ceilings of achievement learning. - Jason Will

Learning is how we scale. Learning is life.- Jason Will

Education in the absence of application is just entertainment. - Jason Will

There is so much power in fear and guilt and the things that rock us to our core. We let them cripple us and become our kryptonite when they can be an incredible motivator and an incredible source of power. You just need to connect to it. - Jason Will

We're business owners, and we have to take ownership of our position, wherever we are or where we want to be. - Jason Will

What is it going to take to get us to where we want to be or own where we are? All the responsibilities, consequences, duties, and everything that comes along with it. Take ownership of it. - Jason Will

We do not have the freedom that we want in real estate because we're working harder, not smarter. - Jason Will

We're not focusing on our bread and butter the business that comes easiest to us. That's SOI - sphere of influence. - Jason Will

We're trying to build rapport with total strangers. When the reality is that should be about 50 percent maybe 40 percent of our time and the other 50 to 60 percent should be on focusing on building fostering maintaining nurturing these relationships with people that know like and trust us or that we want to be in relationship with we want. - Jason Will

Leadership needs to be accountable on what are teams are founded on and what our cultures are based on. - Jason Will

You know the culture on my team has been based on power prospecting internet leads, buying leads, and converting them at a 2 percent conversion rate. - Jason Will

What can our life look like if it was more balanced in that type of business that comes easier? Now we don't have to convert what's already converted. That's a warm lead. It's not having to prove that you're the right person to help a client because they have already trusted and hired you. That buys back time. - Jason Will

Real estate is a relationship business. It's not built off transactions. Transactions are built off relationships. - Jason Will

Most of our wives are very shallow. It's just a very surface where we got to dig deeper and sometimes it's about going into really happy places in our lives where we've been we found the most fulfillment or contentment. Some of the time is digging deep to negative things, and maybe negative things people have said and a lot of us need to face. - Jason Will

When it comes to mindset in our big "WHY," no one is focusing on things that don't matter, they are connected spiritually, emotionally, and personally. We are focused on trying to fill that void with superficial things. - Jason Will

The "WHY" of money needs to not be about the purchase but about what you can do good with that money. Then your "WHY" gets really powerful.

The most important two hours of your day is going to be that prospecting for new business, filling your pipeline, and searching for those people that need the help of an agent like you an agent with your heart, skills, expertise, work ethic, kindness, and your smile. - Jason Will

You can go put out some fires in the afternoon if you want to, but you can't be an all-day firefighter. - Jason Will



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