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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Nov 29, 2017

Agent 251 | Podcast | Jason Will | Home Staging | Ep.5 | JWRE

To stage or not to stage? When a home doesn't sell fast enough, this can be a big question for a realtor and home owner. In this episode of Agent 251, Jason and Diana Will sit down with local staging professional Jana Rae Ryan to discuss the ins and outs of why and when its the right time in the real estate sales process to invest in staging a home that is having trouble finding a buyer. Plus, Jason and Diana let budding realtors in on some smart sales tactics to convince reluctant owners to try home staging to get more showings and eventually the best price for their home.

Guest Agent 251-er, Jana Rae Ryan, shares her real estate experience and home staging expertise with some common sense, elbow grease, and some advanced design techniques that can transform that “so-so” home into a great first impression that not only gets more buyers interested but creates an emotional connection and more selling opportunities.

Jason has repeatedly said that “JWRE is a marketing company that specializes in real estate” so understanding that home staging is a viable and effective marketing tool to make you a stronger realtor and a better steward of your client’s biggest asset and finances. If a property in it’s current state isn’t helping its sellability then you need to have a plan to increase its web and curb appeal with the least amount of cost or reduction in the selling price - this plan could start with home staging. From online photos to driveaway, bedroom, or to the attic staging can spotlight a home's strengths and limit its negatives to increase sales opportunities and get the price the owner home owner is expecting.


Noteable Notes:

> When people are looking at a house, they first look at if the house is a right fit for them. After that, you have to present a home for sale in it's best light.

> Staging can be a marketing tool that can help sell properties first impression, strengths and can creatively show a buyer what to do what an "unusual" room or feature.

> Homes are your greatest commodity, and selling your home is like it's going to black tie affair. You don't want to show up in blue jeans and a t-shirt.

> The Mobile, Alabama market is slow to use home staging compared to other cities where staging is a commonly used marketing tool.

> Agents need to know that professional interior photography is a must to sell a home. Photos taken on a cell phone by an owner or agent just is not going cut it out anymore.

James Avera - Jason and Jana say that he is the best real estate photographer in the area.


Quoteable Quotes

> Web appeal is the new curb appeal - James Avera

Houses are bought on emotion. Staging can increase that emotional connection to a potential buyer. - Jana Rae Ryan

You wouldn't sell your vehicle to a dealer right after mud riding. - Jason Will

Staging a home is to sell it, not for living in it. - Jana Rae Ryan

Design is for living in a home and staging is for selling. - Jana Rae Ryan

Staging helps a home owner separate emotionally from their home and gets a house ready to go on the market. - Jana Rae Ryan

When selling your home, imagine if Oprah with a camera crew, was coming every day and clean and straighten up accordingly - Diana Will

Buyers want to see homes that are clean, tidy and looks like a pottery barn catalog photograph when looking to buy. - Diana Will

Real Estate is more than selling a home; it's being a good steward of the client's finances. - Jason Will

If a house isn't selling, it's either price or condition. So what's your plan when you need to decide on either a price reduction or presentation improvement. - Jason Will