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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jan 20, 2021

On this episode, Jason set out to get some real action stories from a genuine hero firefighter/paramedic, Mike Kelley of Vestavia Hills. Instead, Mike lays out his philosophy of Lifestyle Design. Lifestyle Design is making a life where personal growth, a positive mindset, and choosing work plus a career allowing you to create the referral business that will deliver the wealth and life/work balance you desire. Mike lays out all aspects of his blueprints, plans, and designs he has incorporated into his life plan, including becoming a master network connector, a servant real estate investor, an avid scholar, and an impact citizen of his community. Mike is a shining example of being a true Impact Agent if you're looking for a model and an inspiration for changing your current situation.


Key Takeaways

- There is a difference between a job and a career.

- Careers are where you can make a difference, make an impact, and serve others.

- To design a lifestyle you need interpersonal growth, a positive mindset, discipline, always learning, and the courage to take action.

- Become a master connector, then everything else becomes secondary.

- To build a robust referral business, you've got to become valuable to somebody else.

- Start studying successful people, and then emulate them.


Mike Kelley Says:

Jobs are really just temporary places in my opinion, to get you where you need to be.

Failures are our benchmarks of success.

I've got to get outside my comfort zone. I've got to stretch every day, and that's a larger piece of property. It's a larger development. What can I do to make myself expand my mindset?

Specialized knowledge without the action is just specialized knowledge.

Jason Will Says:

It's just fascinating that more people don't recognize that there's something they can do about their current situation.


Thanks for listening.

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