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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Oct 27, 2021

On this episode, Jason talks with a new JPAR Agent and natural-born leader Cynthia Hughes. Cynthia is an authentic, candid, and warm person and a successful real estate agent focused on productivity and serving others. Plus, she is a brain injury survivor who is new to real estate after rehabbing and retraining her brain to do simple math and tasks. Cynthia is a true inspiration and a role model for any real estate agent or anyone in business, management, and sales. Heck, let's just say she is one of those great humans we should all should try to be more like. Cynthia's secrets to happiness and success; be yourself, always be positive, focus on helping others, let things go, and learn the difference between busyness and productivity.


Key Takeaways

- Use your words only for good and positivity.

- Do the business the way you do your business. Don't let others dictate your business style and ethics.

- Stay focused on being a productive and effective real estate agent, not a busy agent.

- Cynthia's measure of success is whether or not you're in the service of others.

- Be yourself, let things go, and train yourself to be present in the moment.

- A little bit of rejection never hurt anybody.

- Failing in real estate is quitting due to rejection.

- To put together a great sales year, you don't have to have a ton of transactions, and you don't have to appeal to everybody.


Cynthia Hughes Says:

I was a Type A. I was very demanding of people. I was way upfront. And now I take my time with people.

I go by the four agreements… you're responsible for your own behavior. What people say is about them, not you. Do your best every day. What your 100% is today will be different tomorrow based on how you feel.

I didn't want to waste that time being a victim. I'm not dead. I'm not in a wheelchair. People are helping me move forward, and I'm going to give it everything I have.

A little bit of rejection never hurt anybody.

Failure is when you hang up the phone and walk away and never pick up the phone again.

I want everyone to know I was a real estate agent. My first thing, I want to help you. Number two, I'm a real estate agent.

Get a conversation started and you'll wind up with friends. You think you're working for clients, but you're really making friendships.


Jason Will Says:

I don't want to be somebody that contributes to this delinquency of excuses.

The measure of productivity is whether or not you're in the service of others.

When hiring, double down on your strengths and hire or ask for help for your weaknesses.

If you truly want to be happy, then you need to be present the moment.

If you want to be present the moment and be filled with gratitude and humility, you need to be intentional about it.

I hear you just overflowing with this description of this industry that allows you to help and serve people every day. Help people make a lot of money, maybe help people get out of a bad investment into a great investment, helping people achieve the American dream. What we're doing is very Noble in a lot of ways.