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Aug 27, 2020

In this episode, Jason talks to John Bongiorno and Jane Mooney of Fairhope, Alabama. John and Jane have a unique perspective on faith, life, and death. Both have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and have been at deaths doorstep which they call the "edge of the cliff," and through their faith in God, they have beaten inoperable cancer and Graft Versus Host Disease. Since their remission, John and Jane inspire each other and others facing catastrophic health issues, life challenges, and spiritual crossroads. John and Jane say that they have seen a glimpse of heaven and are living proof of real miracles. Jason is excited to share this podcast with you; he thinks you will never forget John and Jane's eternal perspective and thier inspirational story of faith, love, and peace.

Key Takeaways

The most important things are those moments of touch with family, friends, and surroundings, not owning things.

Once you have faced death and lived through it, you see the world in a much different way.

Keep going, stay strong, and have faith in something positive when facing overwhelming odds.

Showing faith in action, not just words, is a very powerful way to influence and inspire others.

When you start seeing life from the eternal perspective, then all your decisions are easier, and all your decisions tend to be the right ones.



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