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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Nov 6, 2019

Tyler Steenken on the IMPACT Agent Podcast

The top 100 real estate producers know how to leverage data. It's having conversations with people to create relationships, and then nurturing those relationships throughout the cycle, and then it's a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more emails you send, the more conversations you have, the more relationships you build - these things turn into sale conversions. - Tyler Steenken


In this episode, Jason talks with Tyler Steenken, the business development manager of Cole's Realty Resource, and he shares some successful multi-channel approach strategies and proven tactics on how agents can effectively grow their pipeline. Cole Realty Resource offers unlimited access to cell phones, emails, landlines, and other additional household intel, such as purchase date & amount, square footage, length of residence. This real estate resource gives you a shortcut to leverage data into better relationships and more warm leads. Tyler gives three real-world sales strategies used by some of the top 1% of agents in the country and how they use Cole Realty Resource products to reach their incredible numbers. Join us as Tyler lays out the roadmap to get your marketing started and shares a fantastic tool to make 2020 your best sales year ever.

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Key Takeaways

1. Developing real relationships is the key to increasing sales and conversions.

2. Find and use marketing and sales tools and products that have a proven high ROI.

3. Develop a multi-channel approach to keep your pipeline full and always work on cultivating warm leads


Quotable and Notable

One of the common themes I hear is that the most successful agents, they're focusing having on having more conversations every day about buying and selling real estate. - Tyler Steenken

You can have your database, your sphere, but then who's the next person? Who else can you be reaching out to? You can spend thousands of dollars buying Zillow leads, but is there an ROI with that? - Tyler Steenken

Cole Realty Resource is super affordable, highly effective, and has a high ROI. - Jason Will

70% of all sellers will only interview one agent to list and sell their home. - Tyler Steenken

You'll see success using our Cole's Realty Resources system. I know that. But it's putting the effort in rolling up your sleeves, going old school, and making it happen. Tyler Steenken

An agent needs a few sales and marketing products that produce big-time results. And Cole's is always going to be one of those go-to products. - Jason Will

I bet if you looked at like the top hundred producers in the country, a good majority of them have been using Cole Realty Resource for years. Tyler Steenken

Some team leader doesn't want to be the one that rolls up the sleeves and does the dirty work. So you just hired people to do it for them. For whatever reason, teams are not profitable most of the time because they're spending money on too many shiny objects marketing tools that don't deliver the ROI like Cole's can. - Jason Will