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Aug 28, 2019

Brian Covey | IMPACT Agent | ep69 | IMPACT Agent

In this episode, Jason talks with Brian Covey, the VP & Production Regional Sales Team Leader of Loan Depot. Loan Depot is a nationwide lender, offering home loans, personal loans, and home equity loan products. Jason and Brian discuss leadership, coaching, and training loan originators, real estate agents, and financial planners to consistently achieve their personal, professional, and business objectives. Plus, Brian points out the importance of personal branding as well as creating authentic and educational online content that activates and influences your customers, team members, and community.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Be a leader that attracts the right clients and workers to you.
  2. Embrace social media, especially video, to show your expertise and document your life to tell your unique story.
  3. Blend personal, educational, and fun content to activate your customers, peers, and community.
  4. Invest in your own brand, coaching, mentoring, learning, and always serving others.
  5. Be coachable and do not count yesterdays victories.



Brian Covey -  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

Loan Depot - Website

Quotables and Tweetables

Whether you're a sales professional or an athlete if you're coached you're going to outperform those that are not coached both in the short term and long term.

Move from being that leader that just puts out content to being a leader that puts out content that attracts the right people to join your team or wants to do business with you. - Bryan Covey

If you are the best qualified, why would you keep it a secret and not want to share it on a platform which is like a networking party that never stops? - Jason Will

Be technically sound and show your expertise. It's equally as important as an agent or if you're in mortgage to you've got to go out and market yourself. Reality is, they're going to find someone online. - Bryan Covey

Try to blend your online content with education, who you are, and tie in some fun. - Bryan Covey

Use activation content where you can. Produce content on social media that will activate a buyer or seller. - Jason Will

You could do a piece of activation content in the mortgage or real estate business every week, and it will generate business. Jason Will

How can I improve my processes so that 8 million feels like four? - Bryan Covey

I put myself out there not only financially investing in my own brand but in coaches and third parties to help me and teach me. - Bryan Covey

We're in a video first marketing era. Soon it will evolve to video only. It's only going to get more prominent. - Bryan Covey

The longer you stay on the sidelines, the further behind the eight ball you're going to be in the long run. - Bryan Covey

Find that balance of showing people who you are as a person and who you are as a professional. - Bryan Covey

Authenticity and vulnerability are not detractors they are attractors. - Bryan Covey

Have a pay it forward mentality whether you're teaching somebody or inspiring somebody. - Jason Will

I've got to make sure I'm always coachable. Because if coachable then I can give what I've learned to others around me at the right time. - Bryan Covey

It's more important about who we're becoming than who we are today. - Bryan Covey

I can't just wing it, go through the day, or count on my victories from yesterday. That's not how we get better. - Bryan Covey

Don't let those moments fly by and cheat yourself out of where you can serve to make an impact on someone else. - Bryan Covey

When people come at us online with negative energy or criticism, it's coming from insecurity or a deficiency in their life. - Bryan Covey


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