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Jun 21, 2018

Chance Newman | agent 251 podcast | ep25

On this episode of Agent 251, Jason speaks with Chance Newman, graduate and star quarterback of Daphne High School who is headed to VMI to play college football. Jason and Chance talk about what it takes to maintain focus and remain motivated in spite of the many distractions that face young people today. Listeners of all ages will recognize life’s challenges in Chance’s words, and be inspired to stay on course, no matter what!

Check Out Chance's Football Highlights 


1. The challenges and temptations that face a successful high school star quarterback, are analogous to those that face seasoned real estate agents.

2. Set-backs can be blessings in disguise if we learn to appreciate them, get back up, and get back into the game.

3. We have to work every day. The process is as important as the goals. By following the process and living right, we can weather adversity.

4. No matter what happens, our lives are a small part of God’s plan.


“The love of the game. I love the grind. I love working out. I love to go work out again, and push myself in the classroom.” - Chance Newman

“I get up at five almost every morning.” “Three days a week, I’m working out at 5am, and the other two I usually go for a jog.” - Chance Newman

“I don’t drink. I don’t like to do any type of drugs. I just don’t understand how people need that to have fun in the first place.” - Chance Newman

“Whenever you set goals for yourself and you’re able to work for them, every day can be a step toward the goal, and every decision can be a step toward or away from where you’re trying to get in the long run.” - Chance Newman

“Everybody has bad days. One day can be bad, and the next day can be the best of your life. I always try to start my day positive. Make your bed. You can have a horrible day all day, and still get home to a made bed, knowing that you started your day off with something positive.” - Chance Newman

“Focus only on what you can control. Take it day by day. Have coaches and mentors, but more than anything else, love the process; love the grind.” - Chance Newman

“Make smart decisions now and live better in your future.” - Chance Newman

“Those big games! The crowd is packed out. Everyone has to stand up, and then connecting on a deep ball, it’s unreal! It’s crazy. I just get that crazy feeling. I love it!” - Chance Newman

“I kinda needed that shoulder to break. It’s a whole new motivation to keep going and get to where I want to be. There are a lot of people who doubt that you can overcome something like that. I worked the whole year, and I don’t want to leave. I don’t care what’s wrong with me.” - Chance Newman

“You get to the point where you get complacent. Something like that (injury) happens and takes it all away from you. You’re back at rock bottom, and you have to restart. It’s something you have to work for all over again. It sucks, but you need that motivation every once in a while.” - Chance Newman

“Without God, without faith, what is your purpose?” - Chance Newman

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