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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Aug 19, 2020

Chastity Davenport and Jason Will

On this episode, the microphone is turned to Jason as he talks with Chastity Davenport, Vice President of National Expansion of JPAR, about why he decided to leave an independent brokerage, go corporate, and eventually become a franchise owner with JP & Associates REALTORS (JPAR). Also, Jason and Chastity discuss the future of real estate, why agencies must embrace technology in order to survive, and Jason shares some tools and advice for what makes a great selling real estate agent.


Key Takeaways

- It’s not only about growth and numbers. It’s about building wealth and changing lives.

- You can no longer turn a blind eye to technology. People are looking online for houses.

- Invest in people, as you have been invested in, and pay it forward.

- Forward-thinking leadership will help transition with trends and technologies and is paramount to surviving.

- Earn More, Keep More: Real Estate Agents want a wealth building and business owner mindset and brokerage partnership that will invest in this ethos. 


Jason Wills - Website

JPAR - Website


Quotables Quotes

> Get a good franchisee in place, and that franchisee needs to be an evangelist. - Jason Will >It’s about taking this sales person mindset of the real estate agent and turning it into a business owner. - Jason Will

> Our industry is evolving so fast, and we need to evolve with it, or we are going to get left behind.” - Jason Will >This Earn More, Keep More’ movement is real. Look at it early, adopt this, and get ahead of it because this is what agents want. -Jason Will