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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 31, 2018

Agent 251 Podcast | Ep.24 | Joey Mure | Wealth Without Wall Street

In this episode, Jason Will talks with the host of the Wealth Without Wall Street podcast Joey Mure. Joey shares his knowledge of how those in the real estate world and other entrepreneurs can take back control of their finances and create passive income strategies that suits them, not the mold of the Wall Street wealth manager. Learn how to save for the future without having to borrow from banks. Plus, hear how to save aggressively for retirement and simultaneously pay for automobiles, save for college, weddings, and vacations. What are the secrets to wealth without wall street? How can you minimize the risk and ebbs and flows of the Market? Listen to Joey introduce you to financial options you never knew existed and the secret of finding economic freedom where you have access to capital today and in retirement using alternatives to cash, income and growth strategies.

Key Takeaways:

1. Explore options and look at your job performance and revenue differently.

2. Take control of your own business, brand, resources, assets, and talents to 10X your business.

3. Put the "your agent brand" over the brokerage brand and explore your own talent wealth building instead of blindly following traditional and Wall Street's investment models. 


Quotable Quotes:

Save in different locations that you can access money like in a savings account, but be building wealth continuously. - Joey Mure

If you quit putting money in your business what happens? If you don't let your money move for you, it stagnates. - Joey Mure

A coach (not a wealth manager) is probably the best investment you can make. - Joey Mure

Work on your franchise instead of building someone else's. - Joey Mure

You have the unique ability in Real Estate to be getting paid to do what you love and to be learning how to start a business within your own business. - Joey Mure

The best investment is in yourself and your own business. - Joey Mure

I seek out real estate agents that invest in themselves, their entrepreneurial spirit, have a coach, listen to podcasts and work on developing their personal brand. - Jason Will

Anybody that is talented and has the heart for servicing others, I want to be in business with them. - Jason Will

Don't have a salesperson mindset. Start thinking like a business owner. - Jason Will

Don't think like an employee. You are building a brand and business. If you do not have that mindset, you are leaving tons of money on the table. - Joey Mure

In a business owner mindset, not an employee mindset, are my actions matching my goals? - Jason Will

Building a 10X business is about firing yourself a little bit every day. - Jason Will

If you don't have access to cash, your eyes are blind to opportunity. Opportunities find cash. - Joey Mure

If you have your eyes open to opportunity, you will find them. - Joey Mure

If you become the person that helps people make money, save money, or solve a problem people are going to trust you and trust you with their money. - Jason Will



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