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Mar 14, 2018

Ep17 | Agent 251 | January Market Report | Real Estate | Jason Will Real Estate

Agent 251 (Jason Will) and Lagniappe business columnist Ron Sivak (Real Deal w/ Ron Sivak Podcast) discuss the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) January 2018 Market Report focusing on the residential (and some commercial) market in Mobile (Alabama), Baldwin County, and the Gulf Coast condo market. This episode doesn't just focus on Downtown Mobile, Fairhope, or Daphne location and sales numbers but will explore a big picture approach to reporting on the state of the local market, how to analyze the data, and explaining the unique conditions of buyer and seller pockets in areas like Saraland, Creola, South Mobile County, Foley and Bay Minette.

Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the nation: what does that mean for realtors, home buyers and sellers in that market? How does the Mobile real estate market compare to Baldwin Counties? This episode is more than just the numbers, prices and percentages of the Market.

Agent 251 dives deep into what all this real estate market information means for the realtor, buyer, and seller.


Is Foley becoming the new Fairhope?

How should buyers and sellers look at the sales number and data from ACRES?

Why are more people now NOT overlooking Mobile real estate instead of just looking to relocating to Baldwin County?

Why is now the time to decide to buy that Baldwin County Condo Investment sooner than later?

Why is Baldwin County median home price significantly higher than Mobile County?

What is the optimal amount of days for a home to be on the market for the realtor and the seller?

How many days on market does it take to trigger a professional realtor to realize that there may be a price or condition problem?

Mobile County gets a bad rap but I think it's got a lot of positives. It's the dark horse of the state. I am high on it and I think it's going to surprise us all. - Jason Will

Why is Agent 251 (Jason Will) so excited about Mobile County real estate in 2018-19?

Why is Lake Forest seeing a resurgence (esp. with retirees) in the market?


Quotable Quotes 

Homes Sales in January and February are a little modest due to the unseasonably cold weather. I think we are gonna finish strong closing out Quarter 1. - Jason Will

The home sale momentum is fierce heading into Quarter 2 right now. - Jason Will

On the Eastern Shore, there is a shortage of resale homes, so new home construction purchases are really filling the gaps in that market. - Jason Will

2018 is going to be the year of new construction on the Eastern Shore. - Jason Will

Baldwin County is really starting to look like a seller's market looking at the average days homes on market data. - Jason Will

Foley is taking off due to an influx in retirees, a city's initiative to beatify and it's close proximity to the beach without the high insurance premiums. - Jason Will

Sellers and buyers need to know that zip codes even different neighborhoods will be significantly different in prices, sales and data from one to the next. - Jason Will

With all the broad stroke sales data from across Baldwin County, you need to contact a real estate professional to determine the true value of your home and property. - Jason Will

I think people aren't as apt to just relocate to Baldwin County without looking at Mobile due to all the new commercial growth, lifestyle and entertainment choices, and energy throughout the city. - Jason Will

If you want a Gulf front condo you had better hurry because the prices are starting to get insane. - Jason Will

If you want to get into real estate investing the beach condominium investment market is so strong right now and is set up to be a turnkey investment due to the rentals. - Jason Will

Prices, interests rates, and demand is ticking up. So, if you want a Baldwin County condo game you need to get off the fence and make a decision before peak season.

When a buyer is looking for a new home in Baldwin County they may have 10 options. In Mobile County, they may have 20. Lots of inventory in the Mobile Market.

Mobile County gets a bad rap but I think it's got a lot of positives. It's the dark horse of the state. I am high on it and I think it's going to surprise us all. - Jason Will

I think we are going to see Baldwin County and Mobile pop up on those "Best Places To Live" lists and they will stay there for a long time. - Jason Will



Alabama Center For Real Estate (ACRE) 

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