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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Apr 5, 2018

Agent 251 Podcast | Jason Will | Johnny Hunt | Jesus In The Workplace

Agent 251's (Jason Will) guest today is Johnny Hunt, pastor of Celebration Church in Fairhope, AL. (Johnny's wife, April, is a real estate agent at JWRE agency.)

This podcast discusses how we can apply the leadership lessons of Jesus Christ in our own lives & how "walking the walk" of our spiritual lives in public/the workplace is a ministry in itself. 

Agent 251 and Pastor Hunt also discusses how being a good steward of our blessings & we can use our ambition and gains as a tool to bless others. Doing the right thing/ refusing to compromise your integrity in the business world is in itself a way to minister the gospel to those around you.

Episode Takeaway's

• Where does the separation of church & state fall in our secular lives? Is it taboo to talk about Jesus/faith in the workplace? 
◦ HUNT: No, it's not taboo. However, people tend to compartmentalize their lives; acting a certain way at home, at church, at work- yet failing to combine the two. 

• What is the appropriate way to introduce Jesus into the workplace?
◦ HUNT: Initially, you can't go for the hard sell. Instead of looking at what is wrong [with someone] we must be willing to look at what is RIGHT [with that person] 
▪ HUNT: something as simple as a compliment or positive affirmation given to a co-worker is a way to start sharing the love of Christ with them.

• JASON WILL: never doubt the power of the words "I am".

Affirmations should start with "I am", the most powerful two words in the Bible are "I am". Know who you are and be that person.  ◦ HUNT: be reminded that you are not but you will be, because GOD IS. 

• When we live the life of a disciple, by  surrendering to Christ, we can minister to those around us just by living our life.

>>> Click here to know more about Pastor Johnny Hunt and Celebration Church 


1. Jesus remained humble.
2. Jesus ministered to and gave the most assistance to the most vulnerable populations (sick, poor, outcast.)
3. Servant leader.
4. Handled interruptions with grace.
5. The people around Jesus had their lives improved after having spent time with them.
6. Jesus was not legalistic or judgemental; he was loving and understanding.

• Living your faith in the Workplace is not a sign of weakness. A weak leader is the one who screams and tear his employees down in an attempt to bully them into submission. Living your faith in the Workplace is not a sign of weakness. A weak leader is the one who screams and tear his employees down in an attempt to bully them into submission. 

• There is an enormous amount of accountability contained within a public proclamation of your faith. People will hold a leader to a higher standard in the Workplace if others know that you are "walking the walk" ◦ You should be the same person at home, at work, and at church.  ◦ People are going to be critical no matter what you do in leadership

• Vulnerability and transparency are not weaknesses, they are strengths. 

• Don't be so spiritual that your work is terrible. Actions preach louder than words. People are watching how you actually live


◦ Does God have a problem with us being ambitious? 

▪ Jesus isn't against you being ambitious or wanting more-as long as you don't love "more" more than you love the Lord. Use your ambition and gains as a tool to bless others.

▪ Be a good steward of what you are blessed with. Ambition needs to be tied to a goal; if that goal needs to be about other people, not just me. If I have an ambition that only serves me, that isn't an ambition worth having/my priorities are wrong.

▪ You're going to be blessed as you bless others.

• What is your opinion on faith and social media? 
HUNT: it's absolutely appropriate to proclaim your faith on social media- but don't proclaim your faith on social media while living your life in a way that contradicts what you've put out there

• Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk.
HUNT: Everywhere you go, everything you do, every business you own, every relationship you have is an opportunity to show the world what a person of God looks like. 


"Too many people limit their spirituality/practicing their faith to only one day a week -Sunday- when faith is meant to be lived seven days a week." - Jason Will

"We were put on this earth to be our best."- Jason Will

"If have an ambition that only serves me, I don't have the right kind of ambitions" - Jason Will

"You can't be spiritual in one aspect of your life and not another. A person is either spiritual, or not spiritual at all." - Pastor Johnny Hunt

"The way we bring Jesus into the Workplace is by be willing to make an investment in someone, before you make a withdrawal."- Pastor Johnny Hunt

"Remember what St. Francis once said about ministry: Preach the gospel, use words if necessary."- Pastor Johnny Hunt

"Failure is an event; failure is not who you are. Go and do better"- Pastor Johnny Hunt

"Everything in this life an opportunity to show God's love to the world."- Pastor Johnny Hunt


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