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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



May 9, 2018

Ep.21 - Tim Wallace - Agent 251 Podcast - JWRE - Agent Brand 

Agent 251 (Jason Will) talks with guest Tim Wallace. Tim Wallace is the new qualified broker for JWRE Mobile. Tim is a real estate agent and broker with over 20 years experience in the industry. Jason asks the newest JWRE member for his initial impressions of the JWRE work/life culture and co-workers. This episode focuses on simple ways that agents can find their strengths and make small mindset changes and improvements that will have an enormous impact in increasing their job performance, satisfaction, and income. Jason and Tim discuss the importance of Real Estate Agents developing and working on their own Brands, continuous training, and embracing collaboration - not competition - with other agents and brokers.


•SOI should always equal ROI – Sphere of Influence is critical.
• Take advantage of tech/social media to increase your leads at no cost.
• Don’t allow your mindset of “an old dog can’t learn new tricks” when it comes to SOI/internet leads - know what to say to an internet lead
• Schedule time to invest in yourself & your business.
• Although counterintuitive, stop competing with other agents for leads; rather, collaborate with them!
• Remaining in your comfort zone will limit your success.
• In an independent brokerage, all you have is your reputation. One agent who doesn’t adhere to the core values of your agency can ruin the reputation of the entire brokerage.
• Negative self-talk will limit your potential.


• Use the yard sign as a mini billboard.
• Whether a yard sign, directional, or acreage sign, that sign is an opportunity to increase the agent’s brand and identity vs only the brokerage brand.
• Agents should have the proactive mindset of a business owner, rather than the reactive mindset of a salesperson.
• Small shifts in your mindset and actions can make major improvements in your brand and business.
• The average agent relies on one or two lead sources; ideally, an agent should have four to six lead sources that he or she relies on.

Quotable Quotes

(10:46) “Agents should get out of competition & into collaboration, the whole world will open up.” - Jason Will
(19;29) “you may be happy where you are, but you have no idea what you're missing “ - - Jason Will
(28:20) “negative self-talk limits your potential”- Jason Will

(28:50) “Not every agent/broker is going to be able to utilize every single tool at his or her disposal; using one new tool and reaching out for advice will improve your situation.” - Tim Wallace

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