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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jul 12, 2018

Jon David Lenard - Agent 251 Podcast - Real Estate Podcast - Team Building

In this episode, Agent 251 talks with Jon David Lenard of The Lenard Real Estate Team of Long Island, NY. Jon walks Jason through his company's journey from a family business to a more modern, scalable and sustainable team approach. Building on what his father has created, Jon wants to maximize his profitability and still maintain a healthy work/life balance."Team" seems to be the buzzword in the real estate industry, but is it right for you? Can building a team, or joining one, get you to be the agent you want to be? Can it help with minimizing job burnout and stress? Can it improve your agents’ ability to consistently bring value to the customer? Find out what systems and philosophies Team Lenard has implemented into their business and company culture to improve sales, accountability, and job performance.


1. Consider whether you are coming from a perspective of scarcity or a perspective of abundance. If you come from a perspective of abundance, there is always room for more people to provide growth and more service for the customers.

2. You have to be adaptable. The real estate market is changing so rapidly that you have to be adaptable.

3. Team leaders have to be accountable in order to maintain morale and maximize the productivity of the team.

4. Make every encounter with a customer or potential client an opportunity to make a personal connection, not a transaction.


“It seemed to me that, what you could accomplish as a family team, while it is more than a single agent, it wasn’t enough to get to where I want to be in my business.  So I set out to begin evolving the team away from the family business and the family style team to what we would now consider the more traditional.” – Jon David Lenard

“If you are kinda like that artist person who just goes out and crushes it, but you still need that balance, and you need to grow that team, you need an operator. You need that person behind you to take those ideas that you have and facilitate what you need and your team needs, so that you can retain top talent, give them a value proposition that is worthwhile, and grow it.” – Jon David Lenard

“Realize that you’re gonna make bad hires, you’re going to have growing pains, you’re probably going to hire people who are going to steal money or leads from you, or hurt your reputation, but it’s worth it in the end.” – Jason Will

“If you don’t bring value to the consumer, you’re going to be dead.” – Jon David Lenard

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