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Nov 1, 2018

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In this episode, Jason Will talks with self-proclaimed "hyper-local sales expert", Matthew Bizzarro, and the correlation of this sales mindset and improving your business and serving your customers at a higher level. Matthew founded The Bizzarro Agency; a boutique firm focused in Uptown Manhattan (more specifically 110th North and the Bronx) on his extensive experience and knowledge of real estate and business ethics. He has transformed the market with his cutting edge and honest approach to real estate and lifestyle marketing. Mathew shares his insights on the power of "knowing" your market more than anyone else, injecting yourself in your local community, and creating a real business and civic impact by giving back.

Key Takeaways

> Investing and injecting yourself in the communities you serve can grow your business, strengthen your sales numbers, and connect you to your market.

> Don't just sell real estate in a market. Inject yourself, live in, support, and become a true ambassador for your market and community.

> Be hyper-local focus by living in and knowing your sales area better than anyone else.

> Create a community engagement program that solves real issues and requires your attention and participation, not just your financial support.

> Recruit and hire quality agents that understand and believe your firm's hyper-local community mission.

> Giving back connects you to your community and builds trust with your clients, peers, and neighbors.


Quotable Quotes

We really believe in the Uptown Manhattan and we're really invested in the community. - Matthew Bizzarro

We're very involved in our community. We don't just write checks. We're looking into doing things like park cleanups, solving problems, and really giving back. - Matthew Bizzarro

Frequently engaging with our community helps others recognize us and who we are. - Matthew Bizzarro

I always personally check out any needs in communities we serve just to make sure of the real benefit. Make sure you have a connection. If it's not something you can get connected to personally, emotionally, it may not be the best investment. - Jason Will

Find local events, associations or fundraisers that you are personally connected to, and make sure that the work they're doing is really valuable in the community. - Jason Will

We're very conscious about making sure our clients know all the good things we're doing because it's them choosing to buy a home with the Bizzarro Agency. We are more than just providing them with a wonderful home for the next chapter in their life. - Matthew Bizzarro

I think creating community awareness for your business is a top priority, and then you see where the ripple effect goes. - Matthew Bizzarro

My team is one of the best agents in the business, and they deliver for their clients, every day in and out. However, we have to deliver to be able to also work on our mission in giving back. Because the more we deliver for our clients, the more deals we close, the more we can then give back. - Matthew Bizzarro

I'm going to provide you the best value because you want to buy up here and there is nobody that knows this neighborhood better. I live here. I've done deals in almost every building. - Matthew Bizzarro

Giving back and being good is trendy...everyone is doing it, but some people are really doing it. Also, some people are just going through the motions to have it as a logo on their website. - Matthew Bizzarro




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