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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Nov 15, 2018

Agent 251 speaks with Atlanta real estate agent, agency owner and Tom Ferry Coach Glennda Baker at the Perfect Life Retreat. Glennda shares her 26 years of real estate insights, innovative marketing styles, superpowers, her secrets to thriving in the business, and the power of a cake. Hear Glennda’s specific networking skills to making those all-important personal connections that convert into new business and more closings. Plus, when you need to be seen and heard, and when not to. Glennda loves her career and her life; we hope her wisdom, inspiration, and energy adds some value to you. Enjoy the Glennda show and never stop learning.

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New Orleans, La - April 11 - 12, 2019



Key Takeaways

> Treat real estate as a business. It’s not optional and casual. Commit to the demands, the marketing, the follow-ups and the strategic goals. Real estate is not a part-time gig.

> Use social media to connect with your community and engage with your client’s lives. Be courageous to use new tools like Facetime, video and instant message.

> Go above and beyond to reach new clients and deliver high value before, during and after the closing.

> Be a problem solver.

> Get personal and familiar with your market. People do business with people they are familiar, and the way they get familiar with you is by seeing you.

> Text message and email are for information, not communication.

> I always want to bring value. If I can't bring you any value, I should zip my mouth.

> Have a process and system for cold calling and client communication, and always bring value to all your contacts.

> The real estate business is getting harder and harder and communicating and articulate your value as a real estate professional is essential.


Quotable Quotes

Some real estate agents think it's optional. They don't come into the office. They don't have a schedule. They don't treat it like a business. That is the number one reason that I see people fail in real estate. - Glennda Baker

You said that about 60% of your business is from sphere of influence and past clients. - Jason Will

People are just in general nicer when you feed them. I don't know what it is. You give them food, they're nicer. - Glennda Baker

Last year I did 500 cakes with that bakery for closings. - Glennda Baker

I've been selling real estate since 1992. Used to, you spent an hour a day trying to cold call and do all of these antiquated things that really now you can accomplish in seconds on Facebook and Instagram. I can't even believe I actually get paid to be on my social media. - Glennda Baker

I'm constantly on social media. That's where people connect with me with real estate, that's where people connect with me personally. - Glennda Baker

Using Facebook, you're not just surfing Facebook and wasting time. You're very intentional about it. - Jason Will

People do business with people they're familiar with, and the way they get familiar with you is by seeing you, period. - - Glennda Baker

Every single day I'm going to talk to thirty people about real estate. - Glennda Baker

I don't think that you can make it in this business without loving people, without loving the business. - Glennda Baker

Anybody can find 123 Banana Street on the internet, but finding the right buyer, negotiating the best terms, and knowing how much that house should sell for, that is expertise like a sharpshooter. Not everybody has that. - Glennda Baker

Real estate isn't online. Real estate is on-site. No matter how far we go with the internet and real estate, it's always going to be on-site. There's no replacement for that. - Glennda Baker

Your home is the backdrop to the memories of your life. - Glennda Baker

We help people with $900 rentals, we help people with million-dollar houses and everywhere in between. It's not about, "Where is the house? How much is the house?" It's, "How can we help you?" - - Glennda Baker


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