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Jan 30, 2019

IMPACT Agent Podcast | 48 | Matt Johnson

In this episode, Jason Will talks with Matt Johnson from the Real Estate Uncensored Podcast and about getting less busy and how singularity of focus is essential for exponential growth. Plus, he shares his six types of quality content for Facebook Live real estate marketing and how to get over the fear of going LIVE on camera.

Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019


Matt Johnson's Six Types of Effective Facebook Live Content

1. A Market Update
Nobody cares about market updates if they're not thinking about buying and selling.

2. Buyer and Seller Questions
Just answer the real world question, thank everyone for watching, let people know how they can reach out and dive off.

3. Community Events
Talk about and promote super big or super small events in your community or city. You're talking about things that people care about, regardless of whether they're in the buying or selling phase or not.

4. Success and Mindset
Share what's on your mind, what you're doing to succeed. Focus on motivational and inspirational topics, something about your habits, what you're working on, your diet, and your exercise plan.

5. A Day In The Life
What you're doing for clients, what you're doing to help sell your listings, what you're doing when you're taking buyers around in your car. Share your life - personal and career.

6. Interviews with Influencers
Interviewing other successful business owners in your area, interviewing leaders in local government or schools, so principals, superintendents, and heads of local non-profits. Eventually, you can get more strategic with your guests, and you can ask the exact people that you want to be in a relationship with to be on your podcast or Facebook Live posts.


Big Questions:

1. What value does the Real Estate Uncensored podcast bring to its listeners?
2. What is essential for an agent to reach their ROI, sales numbers, and desired growth rates?
3. What is the benefit of relationship-focused business over transactional?
4. How vital is leveraging social media for sales, especially Facebook Live?
5. What are the six types of things and subjects that I should include in my social media and Facebook Live content and posts?
6. What is the best tool for me to increase my rapport with my customer base and sphere of influence?
7. What is the number way for Real Estate agents to increase awareness, leads, and conversions in their local market?
8. What are the two things an agent needs to do to start using Facebook Live as a sales tool and lead generator?
9. How many leads do you need in your sales and lead database?
10. How do you maintain relationships with 500 or 1000 people?
11. What is journalistic marketing and how can it help your ROI and sales?


Quotables and Tweetables

I'm working on getting less busy and more focused. - Matt Johnson

Greg and I talk about on the show are getting back, moving away from this transactional mindset of only caring about people when they're in the phase of buying and selling real estate and caring about them all the time, moving to more of a relationship-focused business. - Matt Johnson

I don't have to do everything right now. Everything doesn't have to be done at a million miles an hour, and I definitely don't have to do and focus on multiple things at once. - Matt Johnson

You're always going to have that feeling that you should be doing five things at once, and that's the problem. We end up making a little bit of progress in five different directions, instead of massive progress in any one direction. - Matt Johnson

The ROI of getting in communication with more people is that you actually need a lot fewer people in your database, but you need more relationships. - Matt Johnson

The reason why you'd want to invest in live video or getting more active on a platform like Facebook is it gives you a way to talk to more people and be in communication and create a relationship with more people than if you could if all you could do is call them. - Matt Johnson

If you fail to document your hustle, you're basically gifting those commission opportunities to agents who are. - Jason Will

Find a local Facebook page that will agree to let you share that content to their audience because they need content too. - Matt Johnson

The number one thing we could be doing as real estate agents to grow our business is to interview the local influencers in our market. - Mark Roberge via Jason Will

Embrace that kind of freak-out stage. - Matt Johnson

Right now, you're invisible, so doing something and starting small (on Facebook Live) is way better than doing nothing and feeling guilty about it. - Matt Johnson

Commit to something small, but commit to it 100%. - Matt Johnson


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