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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 7, 2019

In this episode, Jason Will talks with Todd Hull and Blake Ray about their popular real estate Youtube show, The Todd and Blake Show. Todd and Blake explain how they started and committed to making the show, why their opposite personalities are a strength, and how they have grown their viewership. Plus, they share their favorite moments and lessons learned from the first year of making The Todd and Blake Show.

Big Questions:

> Do you have what it takes to be a local celebrity like Todd and Blake?
> How do you get started creating your own youtube show or podcast?
> Can a Youtube show or podcast help your personal brand, business, or career?


Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019



The Todd and Blake Show - Youtube Channel

The Todd and Blake Show - Facebook

Blake Ray - Buy From Blake 

Todd Hull - Facebook



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