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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Mar 27, 2019

IMPACT Agent | Ep55 | Andrew Martin

Strap on your learning and investment caps on Impact Agents. Jason Will talks with Andrew Martin, a fee-based financial planning and wealth management expert from his own firm, Atlas Financial Strategies (Pensacola, Florida). In this episode, Jason and Andrew deep dive on how to start growing an agent's individual investment portfolio or helping their clients do the same by leveraging money and more specifically retirement savings (self-directed IRAs & qualified retirement accounts) to invest in real estate. Bottom line: Andrew shares his insights on collaborating with financial advisors to work on becoming more than just real estate agents. Let's hear you can start setting yourself apart by becoming a value-centric expert for home buyers and sellers by educating them on opportunities on how to use their investment money, save money, solve a problem, and possibly making them a smart return on investment in real estate.

Impact Agent Conference 2019
Started by Real Estate Agents for Real Estate Agents.
New Orleans, LA - April 11 - 12, 2019



Big Questions

1. How can you set yourself apart from all the other productive real estate agents?
2. How can real estate investment lead to an explosion in properties sales and commissions for an agent?
3. What is the process by which somebody can reinvest capital gains in real estate?
4. How can real estate agents help their clients invest in real estate?
5. How does real estate investment create value and investment income
and returns?
6. What are the tax and tax-deferred advantages of investing in real estate for portfolios and retirement accounts?
7. What are the first steps a real estate agent can do to offer real estate investment opportunities to their clients?
8. What is one of the biggest barriers for real estate agents finding wealth opportunities?
9. What does Andrew Martin look for in an agent to refer his clients to?
10. Can you create or build an undisruptable business model?



Atlas Financial Strategies - Website

Andrew Martin - About // Bio

Contact Andrew - 850-542-4823 | Direct line: 850-542-4803


Quotable and Tweetables

I think it's a little-understood concept or strategy to be able to use a qualified retirement account such as an IRA to invest in real estate. - Andrew Martin

Just an IRA, or any qualified retirement account, is a savings vehicle, a way to save money and invest money in a tax-advantaged manner. Let's stick with real estate. If you buy and sell a house and you realize a capital gain, that's a taxable capital gain. If I own a piece of stock not inside of an IRA, just in a brokerage account, and I sell that piece of stock and realize the capital gain, same deal. I got to pay capital gains taxes on that, and they can be short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains. - Andrew Martin

I think real-estate agents that they could tell their clients that they can use to help them invest in real estate. - Andrew Martin

Do you know that you can, within your IRA or whatever retirement account, 401(k), invest in real estate and get all the tax advantages that that retirement account gives you? - Andrew Martin

Instead of owning stock, you own real estate. - Andrew Martin

I'm not saying people shouldn't invest in the stock or bond market or mutual funds or whatever else. You absolutely should. You should diversify yourself as much as you can. - Andrew Martin

People like real estate, It's tangible, it's a good store of value if you're renting it, it's producing income for you, more income, a lot of the times, than you can get in a lot of other places as far as percentage, and it's going to appreciate in value most of the time. - Andrew Martin

Somebody listening to this right now probably has a handful of clients at least that has a pretty sizable amount in their retirement accounts that they would like to invest in real estate if they knew it was an option. So if you don't even know that it's an option and be able to bring that up to them. - Andrew Martin

If a real-estate agent office has never had anybody come in and educate them on how self-directed IRAs work, that would be probably the first step and just talk to the agents and brokers themselves. We're going to be talking about how to use your retirement accounts, your IRAs or 401(k)s, to invest in real estate and get all the tax advantages that your retirement account gives you. - Andrew Martin

It could lead to an explosion in sales for real-estate agents if they know. They don't have to be an expert. But if they just know enough to be able to set the hook. - Andrew Martin

If an agent helps anyone grow their portfolio, expanding it out of Wall Street and into the real-estate market, they're going to be very appreciative, and once those gains start to happen, they're just going to tell everybody who asks. - Andrew Martin

Many of us real-estate agents are not using the technology at our disposal to activate these buyers and sellers. - Jason Will

You need to be a student of what you're doing, and as you come across some interesting information, put it out there on Facebook. - Andrew Martin

You have to give something away. You have to provide value first. You have to set yourself apart. You have to position yourself as the expert, and then people will come to you. - Andrew Martin

People are either ready to do financial planning, or they're not. I can't make them do it. People are either ready to buy or sell a house, or they're not. - Andrew Martin

Agents can't have these valuable investment conversations one-on-one or through social media channels without the preparation, without the research. You're doing 15 to 20 hours a week, and if most real-estate agents did five, an hour a day, Monday through Friday, that's all that would be required and they would position themselves as the expert, as the professional in their field. - Jason Will

What's the gunshot wound of most real-estate agents? It's finding that next deal, that next buyer, the next seller, putting something under contract. They're so focused on the opportunity that they're not focusing on the preparation leading up to that opportunity. So when the opportunity arises, they blow it because they don't know what to say, they haven't done the market research, they don't know loan programs, they don't know the title process, they don't know how to direct people to tax savings. - Jason Will

My mission in life is to create learning-based agents because the ones that are learning-based are the ones that are scaling their businesses. Those are the ones that survive in down markets as well as good markets. - Jason Will

There's a lot of power in being the connector. - Andrew Martin

To get referrals from me, an agent needs to be the self-learning guy or girl that positions themselves to be the expert and value provider that I am comfortable sending the business to. - Andrew Martin

The real-estate agents and brokers that will probably fare better during the next economic downturn have probably taken the time to study, read books, do some research, on what were the opportunities during 2008, 2009. - Andrew Martin

Understand that money follows differentiation, not similarities. This is a way to set yourself apart, and the money will follow you, and you have this honest narrative. You differentiate yourself in the marketplace by providing an honest assessment of what's going on out there. - Andrew Martin

If you can provide that kind of information, where it really opens up somebody's mind, and give them information that they had no idea that you could do, they're excited about it, and they're going to tell people about it, which will give you more referrals.