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Jun 13, 2019

IMPACT Agent | Jeremy Sullivan | ep61

In this episode, Jason talks with the new president and CEO of JWRE Jeremy Sullivan and new executive assistant Ms. Victoria Jones. Jeremy shares his recent leap of faith career changes, a deep family secret that has recently come to light, and how the power of forgiveness, positivity, and owning his past taught him some of the biggest lessons of his life. Jason discovers Jeremy' origin of the mantra "past is perfect," his 3P's for living, and the importance of habiting up, skilling up, letting go, and going for it.

Want to make $200,000 a year only working 20 hours a week? The secret formula can be found in this episode.


Key Takeaways:

1. You're in control of your entire destiny.
2. Write a good personal story.
3. Always be positive.
4. Keep moving forward.
5. Never look back.
6. Always be learning and gaining skills.
7. Know your business inside and out.
8. Develop effective habits.
9. Develop confidence.
10. Tell everyone that you know that you're a real estate agent.

Jeremy Sullivan's 3 P's:

1. Positivity is how you live.
2. Professionalism is how you work.
3. Profit is important to you.



Discover Leadership Training

Discover Leadership Training gave me the authority to have self-confidence, be that risk-taker, to have that courage, to have the enthusiasm, to know that my worth was there, and to be positive.
- Jeremy Sullivan


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Quotables and Tweetables

Every agent needs to be trained up first with their attitude. You get them to keep that positive attitude. Then you teach them the skill to sell real estate and how to develop really good habits. - Jeremy Sullivan

It's easy for every single agent to make two hundred thousand dollars working only 20 hours a week. But they have to have a positive attitude, a strong skill set, and they have to develop smart habits. If they don't, real estate is a challenge. - Jeremy Sullivan

I can sell thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars more with a purchase agreement, a listing agreement, a net sheet and a record than I can with a listing presentation because a listening presentation is just the fluff. - Jeremy Sullivan

If you don't know those agreements and you can't figure out how to have somebody sign them, displayed in layman's terms, and in a positive manner you'll never make that sale. - Jeremy Sullivan

I wish every agent would get their broker's license, would go to GRI, would do the Committed To Excellent test, and would do CRS. - Jeremy Sullivan

Every single day that an agent practices being more professional, they increase their value. It happens in your speech, you start surrounding yourself by people like-minded that make good money, and they know what they're talking about. You indirectly become that same type of person.
- Jeremy Sullivan

You're in control of your entire destiny. Write a good story. Keep it positive, move forward, and never look back. - Jeremy Sullivan

You need a habit up, skill up, let go, and just go. But you have to know what you're talking about and tell everybody. Everybody needs to know you're a real estate agent. - Jeremy Sullivan

I find myself having that conversation with agents a lot that you're a public figure. You chose a profession where you have to put yourself out there. - Jason Will

If you don't have the confidence to tell anybody a real estate agent, get another job, you're just wasting your time. - Jeremy Sullivan

I'll tell you there are some ugly people in real estate and they make a lot of money. We all have our issues; some of us hide it better than others. It's your story. - Jeremy Sullivan

You have to have confidence. I'm not dwelling on the past. Moving forward. - Victoria Jones

As the president of JWRE, I don't want an agent to say that we didn't give them an opportunity to learn, and we didn't give an opportunity to engage in our culture. - Jeremy Sullivan

If you're dealing with stuff from your past whether it's really recent or really deep in the past that there's an opportunity there. The opportunity is a decision to dwell on it or learn from it grow and move on to be better. - Jason Will

The joys in my life were absolutely something that I allowed happen with my attitude, and the crap that happened to me is without a doubt, my fault and my attitude. - Jeremy Sullivan

You can make a lot of money and still be positive. - Jason Will

In the real estate industry that agents are so focused on the opportunity or finding an opportunity or capitalizing on that opportunity. But, they're not prepared for the opportunity. - Jason Will

There are customers and clients that make it easy, and then there are complicated and difficult ones. You're getting fired left and right. So let them go. I mean if someone's going to fire me, let me go. Then I can help somebody else. - Jeremy Sullivan



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