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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Feb 5, 2018

Agent 251 | Jon Cheplak | Jason Will | Real Estate | Podcast

In this episode, Agent 251 - Jason Will - talks with Real Estate Broker/Agent Speaker, Life Coach, Consultant, & host of Cheplak Live - Jon Cheplak. This fast-paced, candid and no-holds-barred conversation explores rethinking "big lives," getting the most out of goals, staff training, and how commitment and consistency of action are the most essential elements to following through and achieving what you want in your life/work balance. Jon delves into the basic foundations of our human behavior and life choice patterns that can benefit and hinder our journey of success and fulfillment.

Learn how business leadership involves unpackaging our personal and the professional lives, looking at past choices and actions, and managing others by asking the "right and hard questions." Jon Cheplak shares his mindset of embracing self-discovery, making micro-commitments, accountability and understanding the "Big Why" to get the most out of life inside and outside the office. Lastly, Jon reveals why overwhelming your staff with too much training and information might be slowing your company's growth to a crawl.

Want to reach those personal changes and growth to achieving years of what the "heart" and "head" has told you for years?

This podcast is the first steps on that experience.

Quotable Quotes

Goals have to be built on the back of projects. And so, many times people create a goal and they don't even have the projects underneath it. - Jon Cheplak

Here's my definition of a goal, a goal is a good idea. A commitment is defined one way and one way only, by the result. - Jon Cheplak

Self-discovery is the number one way to get a human being to make a choice, make a change, or move into higher productivity. - Jon Cheplak

A commitment is defined this way. By the specific, measurable, actionable result. That has a deadline. - Jon Cheplak

I see it over, and over again, when operating in vagueness…vagueness will get you a vague result. - Jon Cheplak

We know that anything that's good, we've got to step through a doorway of fear and discomfort to get to reach it. - Jon Cheplak

Thoughts from the past that we bring forward today lead to the same choices. Same choices lead to the same behaviors. We have to start having thoughts about our thoughts. - Jon Cheplak



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