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Aug 7, 2019

Lars Hedenborg | IMPACT Agent | 67

In this episode, Jason Will has a powerful conversation with Real Estate B-School (REBS) Founder Lars Hedenborg. Lars helps his clients learn to make more time, more money, and have less stress. Listen close as Lars shares his insights on upcoming real estate industry disruption, and how to build a sustainable & profitable real estate team that gives you true freedom.


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Key Takeaways

  • A consumer-centric business model can mitigate the disruption coming in the real estate industry.
  • Profit is more important than volume sales.
  • Profitability is a habit, not an event.
  • Stop chasing business and start attracting business.
  • Buying leads is not marketing.
  • Creating a memorable consumer experience is a powerful marketing and referral strategy.
  • A team culture needs to be built on your most important core values.
  • Hire talent from your core values and patterns, not just potential.
  • Find the right coaches and mentors to help you build your team and business structure.

IMPACT Agent Says:

You have stop chasing business, and you started attracting. - Lars Hedenborg

Our company culture is how we're serving our clients and are they reciprocating on are helping them by helping us.  - Lars Hedenborg

The future of our business is teams, but there's not a whole lot of teaching around this business model. - Jason Will

We want to treat our clients so well that we have a referral in hand before they leave the closing table. - Lars Hedenborg

Client referrals are a leading indicator of the success of our business.  - Lars Hedenborg

Create an experience for buyers and sellers that is on par with every other frickin' industry that they participate in. Let's compete on a Ritz-Carlton level. - Lars Hedenborg

Our goal this year is to have more Google reviews than Zillow reviews. - Lars Hedenborg

Our company culture is how we're serving our clients and are they reciprocating on our helping them by helping us. - Lars Hedenborg

Volume feeds the ego, but profit feeds the family. - Jason Will

As a business owner, we get to pick our profit and profitability is not an event; it's a habit. - Lars Hedenborg

I want to see my net worth going in the right direction for all of the work, risk, and stress I'm putting into my business. - Lars Hedenborg

I don't think the future real estate is forced registration home search leads. - Lars Hedenborg

Hire to core values and you're going to get people that are willing to be held accountable. - Lars Hedenborg

When you're looking to get into business with somebody, make sure you truly understand the patterns of that person because they're not going to come on your team and change. - Lars Hedenborg

Hire for known patterns, not potential. - Lars Hedenborg

You need to decide what your profit first economic model will be so you can guarantee that you're going to have money to show for all of the efforts that you're putting in.  - Lars Hedenborg



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