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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Oct 12, 2021

More real estate agents are getting into the industry now more than ever. And on this episode, Jason Will has a real and raw discussion with new real estate rising star Julia Hoover about what it's really like working in this industry. Julia shares how she got started, what she does daily to succeed, how she uses social media, and her biggest fear being a first-year agent. So, if you're new in the real estate business or thinking about getting into the real estate game, this show is a must listen to episode.

Key Takeaways

- Commission compensation puts a lot of stress on new real estate agents. Start your new career with six months of savings.

- Confidence and swagger work in real estate. So, don't be timid and never act like a new real estate agent, even if you are.

- To level up your real estate agent skills faster, find the right mentors and teams.

- Market yourself as an asset to somebody on their home buying journey.

- Soon, 80% of real estate business is going to come from social media, especially video platforms.


Julia Says:

I would have saved half of every paycheck because you only make money when you make a commissioned sale in real estate.

I'm investing in myself for the future and hopefully in the future.

I'm going to networking events, and I make about 60 to 100 calls a day. But in the future, I'm hoping for referrals. That's the goal.

You need to be okay with being uncomfortable to be successful.

I wear my name tag everywhere.

You choose who you're going to work with.

If you want to be the most successful realtor, you cannot be afraid of accountability.

Jason Says:

In real estate sales, whatever gives you anxiety, whatever makes you uncomfortable, that's typically where the money is.

Use whatever resources at your disposal to identify the great leaders and get on these teams. The speed at which you are going to level up and scale your business. The trajectory is so much faster.

Your why is tied to fear. And I am fond of saying that fear should push you, not stifle you like you can find a great deal of power in that fear.