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Jul 15, 2020

Rebuilding From Rock Bottom with Andrew Carver

On this episode, Jason talks with Andrew Carver, a successful JPAR real estate agent and recovering alcoholic for 11 years. Andrew shares his road to sobriety story from drinking beer in college til considering to commit suicide in Germany in 2009. Sobriety has been great for Andrew personally, professionally, and financially. He has shifted his life's priorities from intoxication to interests that have helped him find greater purpose and more passion in his everyday life.

Andrew expresses his gratitude for his new life outlook, new wife, and the ability to work as his boss in real estate. Andrew hopes that by sharing his story, it can show some heavy drinkers that there is a way out of their destructive patterns, and hopefully, it inspires them to start enjoying the benefits of life.


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Key Takeaways

Making good decisions will compound over time and will be a catalyst for other good things to happen.

Work hard at being highly productive every day, not just being entertained.

Sobriety can be the catalyst to reexamine and change your priorities to new interests and hobbies that can reinvigorate purpose and passion.

The successes or failures of Andrew's life are made up of the decisions he makes daily.

Sobriety can bring clarity of where you are in life and where you want to be.



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