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Nov 20, 2019

Derek Taylor of JPAR talks with Jason Will on the IMPACT Agent Podcast

In this episode, Jason Will talks with Derek Taylor, the Vice President of Product Technology for JP and Associates Realtors, one of the fastest growing real estate franchises in the nation. JPAR offers technology forward tools and business analytics to help real estate agents drive bottom-line results. Derek shares a peek behind the curtain of all of JPAR's powerful, valuable, and proactive technology that focuses agent's on activities that drive sales success. This show is full of pro tips on how to incorporate the tools to leverage your contacts, referrals, leads, and sphere of influence. Plus, learn how to improve your value proposition to both grow your profit margins while increasing your productivity. kvCore is driven to help automate sales and is proven to reduce the friction in business so that real estate agents can spend more time in front of people and less time behind their computer.

Key Takeways

Technology and automation is going to give agents the ability to leverage their contacts, referrals, leads, and sphere of influence.

Technology and automation, like kvCore, which provides agents with a comprehensive, all-in-one system to organize an agent's database and seize opportunities that agents otherwise wouldn't have noticed. Many companies offer agents a basic website, but most don't offer them the backend CRM technology required to convert leads into sales.

In real estate, there is not a lead generation problem; there is a lead conversion problem.

Concentrate your efforts on the "yes's" and less time talking to the "no's."

If you're behind the technology learning curve or the industry trend curve of what clients are wanting, then you can't exceed their expectations.


Quotable and Notable

Agents are using Trulia and Zillow and to promote their listings. And kvCore gives agents a platform to promote their listings and drive traffic back to them specifically. - Jason Will
kvCore is a great system to help you stay in contact with your sphere of influence, you want to contact them somewhere between 33 and 40 times a year to be able to maintain and maximize referrals. You need some technology to help you automate those processes and systems. - Derek Taylor
kvCore is a tool to communicate with your clients in the way that they want to be communicated in today's world, and if you're not doing that, you're not exceeding their expectations. - Derek Taylor
"I'm not a techie" is not an acceptable term in real estate; you have to become involved in technology from now going forward. Or you're just going to get left behind with everybody else who didn't want to get involved in technology. it's that important in the business right now . - Derek Taylor
I want agents to be more organized and be more systematized with thier current database. It's like that's your data bank is like golden doubloons. -Jason Will
If you're a plumber, doctor, or retail store, all of those things are going to be changed by technology. We need to stay ahead of the curve so that we can serve our clients better. We call that exceeding expectations. - Derek Taylor


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