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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Sep 8, 2021

On this episode, Jason Will talks with Castle Biosciences sales guru Molly Ray. Molly shares her wisdom on boosting your sales game using time management, daily planning, passion, role-playing, the ability to pivot, and remaining positive. Plus, she explains how seeing challenges as opportunities and using your failures as lessons can transform you into an efficient and happier sales pro. Molly has one fantastic insight after another in this casual conversation covering shrewd salesmanship tips and steps to becoming a dollar-productive sales machine. Lastly, Jason shares his very personal "big WHY" for his career and life motivation.


Key Takeaways

- Prioritize and organize your work and personal lives.

- Spend time on things that bring more value to your job, family and life.

- Always be learning, revising, adapting, and learning in your career.

- You have to create and work a plan to be successful in sales.

- Do not neglect existing client maintenance and follow-up conversations.

- Make it a habit to tell someone "thank you."


Molly Ray Says:

- In sales, passion correlates to success and your overall happiness.

- Prior proper planning prevents persistent poor performance.

- If you don't know what your passion is, there could be words that drive you, words that are impactful to you.

- You've got to use all those failures and all those road bumps and use my other P word Pivot and come up with a way that you learned from those failures and those bumps.

- People need to remember to sell the way that you want to be sold to.

- I think that practicing everything we do matters. I think we can't get better and anything we do unless we practice. So role play, role play, role play.

- Role playing allows you to gain confidence. And confidence is key in sales.

- In sales there's not just one way, but just figuring out and changing some of those little habits you do every day can become a new habit, which then can become a great habit, which then could maybe lead to more successful year.


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