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Oct 5, 2021

On this episode, Jason Will talks with Tony Riddle and Josh Mims of Capstone Roofing of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Al. Tony was a budding music teacher at The University of Alabama, and Josh was going into the ministry. Along their journeys, they found each other, their career calling, and their mission with Capstone Roofing. Finding himself as a victim of a dishonest roofing company, Tony started Capstone to be a "Light Caster" in an industry known for having some shady characters. Tony and Josh are amazing people who are building a Kingdom-Minded construction company that puts craftsmanship, ethics, relationships, and serving others at the center of their construction business. Jason wants you to get to know Tony and Josh.


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Key Takeaways

- Developing solid and genuine relationships with your leads, customers, and community is proven to work growing a company.

- Be an industry advocate and example to others.

- Be cooperative more than competitive in a busy market.

- People are more interested in why you do something more than what you do.

- There are many ways to minister to and serve people.

- Small jobs and clients handled professionally with skill, trust and integrity can become a huge referral source.

Tony and Josh Said:

Not all roofing companies are bad, but there's enough out there that I want to protect people. - Josh Meredith

We want to be "Light Casters" in a dark industry. - Josh Meredith

We all need mentors and spiritual fathers. - Josh Meredith

There are people out there just looking for that dollar, and they don't care if they serve you. - Tony Riddle

Josh and I have the mindset of serving people, and hopefully, we can do their roof. - Tony Riddle

Who knows where a small job can go when it comes to trust and integrity. - Josh Meredith

I believe in divine appointments. It may be that God decided that other guy for that other company needs to feed his family. As long as they're not doing shady things, I'm not trying to keep anybody from being successful. - Tony Riddle


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